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Conquer the Dam 5K (Read 11 times)


    I ran a most enjoyable 5K at Jennings Randolph Lake this morning. Nice downhill start, cruised across the top the dam, then tough uphill finish! I like a challenge! I came in 2nd overall and received a generous $50 for my effort. 

    Thanks to Kevin Spradlin and the Potomac Highlands Distance Club for sponsoring me into this race. One of the few times I've been fast enough in a "first 2 to respond" contest! Hey, I was 2nd to respond, 2nd in todays race... things that make you go hmmmm.... :-)


    Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with good health and strength, and for the great day and wonderful people I met today.  


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      Jan 31 - Clam Beach Run (8 3/4 mile); April 4 - Peterson Ridge Rumble (40m); June 20 & 21 - Double FatAss 50k; July 25 & 26 - Lake of Death 24 Hour; Oct 10 - Dick Collins Firetrails 50.

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