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  • SUNY Cortland Running ClubPrivate group

    Running club yay go running!

  • Supermilers ElitePrivate group

    Never neglect your speed.

  • Suzhou California Garden


  • Tavares Patriots

    2014 Tavares Patriots Running Club Head Coach: Kevin Von Maxey Associate Head Coach: April Von Maxey Assistant Coach: Tony Segreto

  • Team Red Lizard

    Training logs for the members of Team Red Lizard in Portland, Oregon. Get to know us at

  • The Comeback KingsPrivate group

    For those of us out there who take running way too seriously.... Anyone can join, whether you're a Usain Bolt, Middle distance wannabe, or a Marathon madman. Use the forum to blog all your latest running updates and share the knowledge on how to improve and tackle injury-related problems.

  • The League of Extraordinary Runners

    The League of Extraordinary Runners Humanity commissioned the Executive Council in October of the year 2006 to recruit patrons to further the presence of athletic prowess in the world today.

  • The Official Ragnar BrigadePrivate group

    Your probably not welcome here.

  • The PA_VA_ME RunnersPrivate group

    Family with members in PA, VA and ME

  • The Postfontaine Project

    Prefontaine showed us what running could be; the Postfontaine Project is the embodiment of that vision.

  • TLTQ

    Training Logs

  • UCXC Alumni

    This training log is for the use by graduates of The University of Chicago who ran Cross Country as collegiates. Hopefully it will be a way to stay in contact with each other regardless of where you may be currently living.

  • University of Chicago Road RunnersPrivate group

    University of Chicago Road Runners Running RSO is open to all current UChicago students regardless of ability or running experience.

  • USFXC Alumni

    For USFXC Alums - you know, those who still use runningahead...

  • Valur skokk

    Valur skokk er hlaupahópur Vals og eru æfingarnar frá Hlíðarenda. Allir eru velkominir á æfingar og eru þær á eftirfarandi tímum: Þriðjudagar kl 17:30 Fimmtudagar kl 17:30 Laugardagar kl 9:30 (nóv-feb) og 8:30 (mars - október) Þjálfari er Óskar Jakobsson.

  • Villa Grove High School Alumni

    Place for Villa Grove High School alumni to put their mileage out there. Get encouraged by others, plan run dates, etc. It'd be nice to get a big group of us together for next year's Ag Day 5k too.

  • WARM RTPrivate group

    WARM Running Team

  • We Run New Hampshire

    Anyone who loves to run in New Hampshire

  • Wellington Scottish Athletics Club

    Members only group for the Wellington, New Zealand based athletics club. Join in here to chat about training, plan upcoming events, commiserate on injuries etc. This group is password protected - if you are a current member of Wellington Scottish please email for the password. If you are not a member you can find our public website at

  • Whirlaway Racing TeamPrivate group

    Lots of people have been asking where we can log our runs online. I decided to set up a group just for WRT.