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  • Dawson Family Marathon TrainingPrivate group

    Dawson Family Marathon Training

  • deg-Renner

    We are a group of runners at a software company (data experts gmbh) in Berlin.

  • Die HardPrivate group

    Training group to keep us connected over the continents as we keep training after Next Step 10k/10m and Half programs!

  • DNK50KPrivate group

    50K Training

  • fandmPrivate group


  • Fetro Running ClubPrivate group

    Training Group for the Fetro Running Club.

  • Front Runners Team AwesomePrivate group

    Front Runners Team Awesome training group.

  • FRTR Fall Endurance Training ProgramPrivate group

    This group is for the Fox River Trail Runners Endurance Training Programs.

  • Fun Is UnlimitedPrivate group

    For those who know this is where they belong. If you know you belong, you also know who is watching you. No slacking.

  • Furman FIRST Training

    This is a group for discussing and sharing information about training programs, like the Furman FIRST program, which place emphasis on higher intensity running workouts with cross-training in between.

  • Garmin Runners

    Are you a Garmin User? Addicted to the use of Garmin? Come join Fellow Garmin Users and talk about your watch, your run, and anything to do with it!

  • Gettys Phys Ed

    For any current or former student of Gettys Middle School in Easley, SC who wants to keep track of their fitness training

  • Gilbert Running ClubPrivate group

    Family Group

  • Glacier Maps and Training DiscussionPrivate group

    This group is meant for you guys to look at the route for the Glacier Trip. We can also talk about training strategies because we are going to need to be in good shape. I have come to find that we are going to be hiking on some serious terrain. Also there is going to be some regions where we will be in pretty isolated with a lot of brush on the trail.

  • GLYMCA 5KPrivate group

    Greater La Grange YMCA couch to 5k training group.

  • Grandmas Marathon

    A few family members and anyone else who wouldlike to train along for the 2007 Grandmas Marathon. See you in Duluth!!

  • Guns n Poses

    A place for runners (and others) interested in body weight exercises, 100 push challenge, flexibility, yoga and the like.

  • Half Marathon Trainers

    The Half Marathon Trainers group is a community of runners who target the half marathon as their preferred distance and share in that journey. We try to help each other striving to achieve or improve at the half marathon. We share advise on training plans, training tips, training advice, races, and other events with a focus on the half marathon.


    We are runners from the Champaign-Urbana (C-U) area. We run for fun and for self-improvement. Our motto is: "Compete against yourself and always strive for improvement!". Our goal is to help each other train for race events and motivate each other to always do our best. We encourage people to not compare themselves to others, but compare yourself to who you can be.

  • HarrensPrivate group

    Family of runners, in attempt to motivate one another.