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  • Foot Fetish AnonymousPrivate group

    Overcoming Foot Fetishes Through Running

  • Forerunner 405

    Training group for folks who have a Garmin Forerunner 405 (and especially for those who might need help with using one)

  • from Ironman to BostonPrivate group

    Bassam, Wisam, Nick and Cliff are all Ironmen. Now we've attempting to qualify for Boston! Plus, honorary member Mark - welcome! :-)

  • Front Runners Team AwesomePrivate group

    Front Runners Team Awesome training group.

  • FRTR Fall Endurance Training ProgramPrivate group

    This group is for the Fox River Trail Runners Endurance Training Programs.

  • Gallowalking

    A group for anyone interested in Jeff Galloway's run-walk-run method.

  • GCYC HalfPrivate group

    Group Training for 2015 Half

  • Grandmas Marathon

    A few family members and anyone else who wouldlike to train along for the 2007 Grandmas Marathon. See you in Duluth!!

  • Greg's Training GroupPrivate group

    Private Group

  • Grid Computing Running TeamPrivate group

    Grupo creado por los aficionados que queremos dejar de ser unos vagos y convertirnos en corredores aficionados a pesar de la pereza. Ánimo a todos

  • Guns n Poses

    A place for runners (and others) interested in body weight exercises, 100 push challenge, flexibility, yoga and the like.

  • Half Marathon Trainers

    The Half Marathon Trainers group is a community of runners who target the half marathon as their preferred distance and share in that journey. We try to help each other striving to achieve or improve at the half marathon. We share advise on training plans, training tips, training advice, races, and other events with a focus on the half marathon.

  • Halfmarathoners_MNREDPrivate group

    The MNRED half marathon training group

  • Happy Trails

    This group is for anyone who loves running and tries to do it often. As George Sheehan once wrote: There are as many reasons for running as there are days in a year, years in my life... Find your own play, your own self-renewing compulsion, and you will become the person you are meant to be. May we all become the people (and runners) we were meant to be!

  • HarrensPrivate group

    Family of runners, in attempt to motivate one another.

  • HCS K-A Running PossePrivate group

    Let's make it official: the HCS Kick-A** Running Posse now has its own Running Ahead group. Since not all of us are in the same Next Step group (or in Next Step), this will let us share our running logs -- complete with our musings, complaining, and triumphs. Bring it.

  • HCS Plank Challenge December 2014Private group

    Winter Planks Challenge

  • Heart of America Marathon

    Do you have what it takes to run the Heart of America Marathon? Run every year since 1960, this year (2009) will be the 50th event. Time & place: 6 AM, Labor Day, beside the football stadium where the University of Missouri Tigers play.

  • Heart rate training group from China

    Heart rate training group from China

  • Hero_Friends

    Social runners in Howard County MD and friends of Bogan's Heroes