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  • Fetro Running ClubPrivate group

    Training Group for the Fetro Running Club.

  • Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke TrainingPrivate group

    The official group of Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke Training!

  • Front Runners Team AwesomePrivate group

    Front Runners Team Awesome training group.

  • FRTR Fall Endurance Training ProgramPrivate group

    This group is for the Fox River Trail Runners Endurance Training Programs.

  • Gallowalking

    A group for anyone interested in Jeff Galloway's run-walk-run method.

  • Gilbert Running ClubPrivate group

    Family Group

  • Greater New York City Road Runners Group

    Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties. If you live and/or run here, then this is a great training group for sharing road running experiences with others. We'll talk about training on the busy streets, running through the many parks, and training for all those crazy races, like Cow Harbor, the Brooklyn Half, and of course-the NYC Marathon!!!

  • Greg's Training GroupPrivate group

    Private Group

  • Guns n Poses

    A place for runners (and others) interested in body weight exercises, 100 push challenge, flexibility, yoga and the like.

  • Half Marathon Trainers

    The Half Marathon Trainers group is a community of runners who target the half marathon as their preferred distance and share in that journey. We try to help each other striving to achieve or improve at the half marathon. We share advise on training plans, training tips, training advice, races, and other events with a focus on the half marathon.

  • HarrensPrivate group

    Family of runners, in attempt to motivate one another.

  • HCS K-A Running PossePrivate group

    Let's make it official: the HCS Kick-A** Running Posse now has its own Running Ahead group. Since not all of us are in the same Next Step group (or in Next Step), this will let us share our running logs -- complete with our musings, complaining, and triumphs. Bring it.

  • HCS Plank Challenge December 2014Private group

    Winter Planks Challenge

  • Heart rate training group from China

    Heart rate training group from China

  • Hero_Friends

    Social runners in Howard County MD and friends of Bogan's Heroes

  • HollyPrivate group


  • Hot Bags of MayoPrivate group

    nunya bidness

  • I nuovi supereroiPrivate group

    I nuovi super eroi: -SuperSega Riccardo -SuperLento Michele

  • Improving Your 5K

    This group is meant to help you improve your 5k time. there will be a daily 7-day running schedule to help you improve. then in the forums we talk about our accomplishments.

  • JpMorganChasePrivate group

    For just me and my girl