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  • Hero_Friends

    Social runners in Howard County MD and friends of Bogan's Heroes

  • Hot Bags of MayoPrivate group

    nunya bidness

  • I nuovi supereroiPrivate group

    I nuovi super eroi: -SuperSega Riccardo -SuperLento Michele

  • Improving Your 5K

    This group is meant to help you improve your 5k time. there will be a daily 7-day running schedule to help you improve. then in the forums we talk about our accomplishments.

  • Jenny and IPrivate group

    I love Jenny!!!

  • John Rolfe YMCA 10k Traning TeamPrivate group

    John Rolfe YMCA Monument Avenue 10k Training Team

  • JpMorganChasePrivate group

    For just me and my girl

  • JRob RunningPrivate group

    Just a coach and some athletes.

  • JSRC

    Training group based in Nashville, TN.

  • KB GroupPrivate group

    Krista B training for shamrock

  • Kristen Shamrock TrainingPrivate group

    Training for Shamrock 2015

  • KS Ice Age Training From Afar GroupPrivate group

    So excited to race with you K-dog!

  • LA Marathon 2015Private group

    training for 2015 la marathon

  • Low HR Training

    This is a group for discussing Low Heart Rate training and it benefits, negatives, etc. The rage started back in the 60's with Dr. Ernst Van Aaken and today can be called Maffetone, Hadd, Mittleman, Mark Allen. Low HR Training can be best described as running at or below 70% of your Max HR to build your aerobic base. We used to use the talk test back in the 70's.

  • MaffersPrivate group

    New members welcome (currently 22). Maffers is a private forum for athletes who train regularly with the method developed by Dr. Phil Maffetone, a.k.a. "MAF-training" or "The Maffetone Method." It's for support and sharing. Join only if you've already started and are committed to the training as prescribed (i.e. you use the 180-formula, adjustments, and monitor aerobic speed through all phases).

  • Marathon 2010

    Marathon, 2010

  • Marathon Race Training

    RWOL forums blow.

  • Marathon Trainers

    Marathon Trainers Group. All levels welcome.

  • Marathon Training and Discussions

    If you are a veteran Marathon runner or a Marathon Virgin, this is the place to share training tips, schedules, thoughts and the excitement of your first or fiftieth Marathon. ~ Daddyo

  • Marathon Training Plans

    This group is meant to help both novice and veteran marathon runners "select a training plan best suited to their individual needs". Members will discuss the pros and cons of marathon training plans available in print (on the internet) and share personal experiences with these plans.