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  • Kiss My Asphalt

    For current and former member's of Kiss My Asphalt. I thought this would be a fun way to encourage each other.

  • Knox Alumni & CoPrivate group

    A group for Knox alumni and friends to share workout results, keep each other motivated, and stay in touch.

  • KSUPrivate group

    Wildcat Training

  • Liam's Training GroupPrivate group

    Training group for runners coached by Liam3494. Email for assistance and advice.

  • LMJS Oakland Marathon Training

    For the first time in 25 years, Oakland will host a marathon. In its role as one of the official running clubs for this event, Oakland running club LMJS is offering a 16 week Marathon Training Program and a 12 week Half Marathon Training Program. This group is intended for runners training for the 2010 Oakland Marathon with LMJS.

  • Low HR Training

    This is a group for discussing Low Heart Rate training and it benefits, negatives, etc. The rage started back in the 60's with Dr. Ernst Van Aaken and today can be called Maffetone, Hadd, Mittleman, Mark Allen. Low HR Training can be best described as running at or below 70% of your Max HR to build your aerobic base. We used to use the talk test back in the 70's.

  • MaffersPrivate group

    This is a private forum for athletes who train regularly with the method developed by Dr. Phil Maffetone, a.k.a. "MAF-training" or "The Maffetone Method." It is a community for support and sharing. Join ONLY if you've already started and are committed to the training as prescribed (i.e. you use the 180-formula, adjustments, and monitor aerobic speed).

  • Maple Valley Running Club & FriendsPrivate group

    A group to log runs for those in the soon to be formed Maple Valley Running Club and their friends.

  • Marathon Race Training

    RWOL forums blow.

  • Marathon Trainers

    Marathon Trainers Group. All levels welcome.

  • Marathon Training and Discussions

    If you are a veteran Marathon runner or a Marathon Virgin, this is the place to share training tips, schedules, thoughts and the excitement of your first or fiftieth Marathon. ~ Daddyo

  • Marathon Training Group

    Marathon training group

  • Marathon Training Plans

    This group is meant to help both novice and veteran marathon runners "select a training plan best suited to their individual needs". Members will discuss the pros and cons of marathon training plans available in print (on the internet) and share personal experiences with these plans.

  • Martial Artist Runners

    For the martial artist who also runs. Or the other way around. :) Karate. Tae Kwon Do (taekwondo). Kempo. Kung Fu. Judo. Aikido. Wu Shu. Tai Chi. Kendo. Mixed Martial Arts. What's your passion?

  • Mediocre Runners and Crossfitters

    We're a group of mediocre runners (varying degrees) who also are into crossfit. Our motto is "striving to be decent." Are you mediocre enough? Studs not apply. Check out our blog at

  • men with beardsPrivate group

    if you are reading this then you don't qualify for this group, go find the 2nd best group or something

  • MFRPrivate group


  • Minnesota Running Eating and Drinking

    MN RED Training Group

  • MIT

    A place to log your weekly mileage and find answers to life's questions =)

  • Morning starsPrivate group

    Reston morning stars training log