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Feeling good (Read 21 times)

    I quit on this past New Year's Day.  Cold turkey.  I haven't had any real cravings past the first couple of days.  I feel great. I started smoking at 21 and now at 51 it's been way too long.  I quit for 8 months a few years ago - this time I feel I am ready.  I look forward to healthier days, fresher air, some new PRs (it could happen), and a clearer head.

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      Been almost 8 months now - still smoke free.  Training for my first marathon and feeling pretty good.  Gained some  weight after quitting but I think I am starting to lose it now.

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        I know it probably won't resurrect this group from the dead, but just wanted to post that sometime in October is a year since I've had a cigarette! Big grin I have no idea what day exactly--I wasn't paying attention--but I calculated it back to October. Hooray! Hope everyone else is smoke free.

          Way to go!  Doesn't it feel good to be rid of the habit?  I no longer think about smoking.  But I do think about how good it feels - ran my first marathon last weekend.  

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            It feels so good! I'm one of those born-again nonsmokers--totally grossed out by it. Smile


            I saw your brief RR. Nice job, Beatle!

              Over one year now - gained some weight but I know I am better off!

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