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Big Chicken!

    Hi everyone!! Just wanted to check in and see how you're all doing. I have been ridiculously busy here. I am definitely cutting back on things I volunteer for starting in April. I can't keep up! Probably my best project has been coaching Couch 2 5K. We just started last week. I have a group of ladies of varying fitness levels, from fairly fit to obese. Proudest moment: The most obese lady ran each of her 60 second intervals on Friday, no extra walking! And she thought she was only running 30 seconds!!! I was so happy for her! She was so surprised to hear how long she was running. So I train C25K MWF, run my regular training runs those days plus Thursday AND do my long run wither Saturday or Sunday. I need to cut out at least one training run I think. I am a bit overwhelmed and I think I may get injured. We just got a rowing machine at the gym so maybe I'll do that 2x a week. 59 days till Disney and 61 days till the Minnie Marathon!!!
    Kris C Running away from the couch one mile at a time!

    My legs are killing me

      Hi Kris, Way to go on the coaching! That's great that your helping others start a running program. Who knows maybe one of them will follow their mentors lead and do a marathon. Smile
        Kris, that sounds awesome. Man, you're keeping busy! Today is 7 months without a cigarette. And Thursday is my 26th bday. Yeehaw!

        Big Chicken!

          Obie~ Happy 7 month anniversary!! And Happy almost 26th Birthday (doing it now 'cause I know I'll forget)!!
          Kris C Running away from the couch one mile at a time!
            Great job, Kris! I loved to hear about helping other people run. Good for you. And Obie, good luck on the non-smoking and congrats on 7 months. Also, happy early birthday. My attendance here has been spotty at best, so if I'm not here on Thursday here's some wishes. What are your plans?
            Meg http://megs411nosmoke.blogspot.com/
              My mom is coming to visit me in my natural habitat for the first time in over two years. She's going to cook a big birthday dinner for me and a few friends. Then relax! Thanks for the bday wishes.

              Ex-Smoker turned Runner!

                Great job Kris! I wish I had the time to help others! I'm still trying to get my husband to run the program! and Obie congrats on 7 months and Happy late Birthday!
                2010 Goals! Get back into running after having my son miles miles miles!