Improving Your 5K


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    I've been using RA since the beginning of '07, but I'm new to this group. I'd like to get my 5K down to near 20 minutes so that my longer distance running improves along with. I'm not in a huge hurry, though; I'd like to reach this goal gradually over the next six years so I can BQ when I'm 44. So, I have a bit of time to spend soaking up the knowledge and experiences each of you share here. Looking forward to it!

      Welcome, A 6 year plan. You have the patience of Job.

      The voice of mile 18

        howdy and good luck to breaking 20minutes. as an aside: I love michelle shocked though I don't think I'll be gettin the new album but loved the campire and arkansas traveler albums bck in the day
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          Thanks, Tom and Joe, for the welcome. Joe, I'll give that John Hiatt song a listen, too.