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HMT 2013 Upcoming Races (Read 593 times)

    Date: April 28, 2013

    Race: Banque Scotia 21k de Montreal 

    Event URL: http://www.canadarunningseries.com/monthalf/

    Distance: 21k

    Location: Montreal QC

    Goal Time:  finish; 2:55Tight lippedx is my time to beat


      May 4, 2013

      Decatur Steeple Chase 8k

      8k or 4.97 miles

      last year's time was 39:36, sub 39 would be great

      Decatur, Alabama


        Date:    6/2/2013

        Race:   North Shore HM  (RAM Racing)

        Event URL: http://www.northshorehalf.com

        Distance: 13.1 Miles

        Location: Highland Park, IL

        Goal Time: 2:15

        Next:  IMT Des Moines HM, 10/19/2014

                  Salt Lake City HM, 04/18/2015

                  Wisconsin HM, 05/02/2015


          Date: May 19, 2013

          Race: Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 

          Event URL: http://www.clevelandmarathon.com/

          Distance: 13.1 miles

          Location: Cleveland OH

          Goal Time:  3:00  - I have another half the following week. I'll be taking this one nice and slowly



          Date: May 26, 2013

          Race: Toronto Women's Half Marathon and 5k 

          Event URL: http://www.towomensruns.com/half_marathon.html

          Distance: 21.1 km

          Location: Toronto ON

          Goal Time:  to be determined. I really dunno. It kinda depends on how the week before went too

            Date: August 13, 2013

            Race: Beach to Beacon 10K

            Event URL: http://www.beach2beacon.org/

            Distance: 6.2 Miles

            Location: Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA

            Goal Time: 1:15


            Squidward Bike Rider

              Date: June 8, 2013

              Race: Hatfield & McCoy Half Marathon (Blackberry Mountain course)

              Event URL: http://hatfieldmccoymarathon.com

              Distance: 13.1 Miles

              Location:  Starts in South Williamson, KY and ends in Matewan, WV

              Goal Time:  2:30 or better

                Date: August 17, 2013

                Race: A Midsummer Night's Run 

                Event URL: http://www.amidsummernightsrun.ca/

                Distance: 15 km

                Location: Toronto ON

                Goal Time:  TBD but I'm hoping to beat my last time 1:55:17 (in 2009)



                Date: September 28, 2013

                Race: Octoberfest Half Marathon  

                Event URL: http://www.oktoberfestmarathon.com/

                Distance: 13.1 miles

                Location: Spring Lake MI

                Goal Time:  TBD based on training Smile

                  Date: June 9, 2013

                  Race: Toronto Challenge (fundraising race for long term care homes in the city)

                  Event URL: http://www.toronto.ca/challenge/

                  Distance: 5 km

                  Location: Toronto ON

                  Goal Time:  34:45


                  (my current PR is 34:48; I have no idea how to "race" a 5 k)

                    Date: October 26th, 2013

                    Race: Life Without Limits Half Marathon

                    Event URL: http://www.ucprun.com/

                    Distance: 13.1 miles

                    Location: Florence, Alabama

                    Goal: sub 1:50 (PR is 1:51:33)



                    Date: December 14th, 2013

                    Race: Rocket City Marathon

                    Event URL: http://runrocketcity.com/

                    Distance: 26.2 miles (debut)

                    Location: Huntsville, Alabama

                    Goal: 4:15


                      On IR.  Going to take a pass this time.



                      Date:    7/20/2013

                      Race:   Alexian Brothers Health Sunset Half Marathon

                      Event URL:   http://www.allcommunityevents.com/gfasf/half_marathon_5k.html

                      Distance: 13.1 Miles

                      Location: Hoffman Estates, IL

                      Goal Time: 2:15


                      (will register late, depending on the weather)

                      Next:  IMT Des Moines HM, 10/19/2014

                                Salt Lake City HM, 04/18/2015

                                Wisconsin HM, 05/02/2015


                        I am so easily influenced....


                        Date: July 14, 2013

                        Race: Dawn at the Don 

                        Event URL: http://dawnatthedon.ca/

                        Distance: 5 km

                        Location: Toronto ON

                        Goal Time:  33:59


                        (super secret stretch goal = 32:59)

                          Date: August 4, 2013

                          Race: Port Gamble Trail Half Marathon )


                          We can take this off the list.  My physical therapist says I'm "not stable enough to go back out on the trails" yet and I agree.  I'll be sticking with road running for awhile.

                          Use your momentum...keep going.  You know you can make it.

                          day after day sameness

                            Booo! That's not good to hear. Sad

                            And...welcome back to the dark side of running on paved stuff.


                            We can take this off the list.  My physical therapist says I'm "not stable enough to go back out on the trails" yet and I agree.  I'll be sticking with road running for awhile.

                            Choosing my words carefully has never been my strength I've been known to be vague and often pointless

                            Pura Vida

                              Date: Sept. 29

                              Race: Corvallis Fall Festival 10K

                              Event URL: http://www.corvalliskiwanis.org/public/pub_page.aspx?PageID=66044

                              Distance: 10K

                              Location: Corvallis, OR, USA

                              Goal Time: 52:12 (aiming for a 6:20 PR, same course, one year later)


                              Date: Nov. 24

                              Race: EWEB Run to Stay Warm

                              Event URL: http://www.eweb.org/runtostaywarm/info

                              Distance: 13.1 Miles

                              Location: Eugene, OR, USA

                              Goal Time: 1:54:59

                              PRs: 5K: 25:35 / 10K: 53:03 / 10mi: 1:26:15 / HM: 1:55:02 / FM: 4:50:35

                              Upcoming: Rest!



                                I know I am a little late to the party, but I just found this part of running ahead and thought I would throw in my couple of races.


                                Date: August 3, 2013

                                Race: National Capital 10K

                                Event URL: http://somersault.ca/eventnationalcapitalrun.htm

                                Location: Ottawa, Canada

                                Distance: 10 kilometers

                                Goal: not sure, maybe sub 1:15:00?


                                Date: August 25, 2013

                                Race: Emerald City Half and Quarter

                                Event URL: http://www.emeraldcityhalfmarathon.com

                                Distance: 6.55 miles

                                Goal: must get below 1:30 hopefully below 1:20


                                Date: October 20, 2013

                                Race: Columbus Marathon (I am doing the half)

                                Event URL: http://www.columbusmarathon.com

                                Distance: 13.1 miles

                                Goal: finish before they close the course :-), really I want a sub 3:00 finish!