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Daily Runner 1/13/13 - Good Luck Racers! (Read 199 times)



    JodisRuningForAutism - 1/12-1/13 - Goofy Challenge

    Docket_Rocket - 1/12-1/13- Goofy Challenge

    Didgeridroo - 1/13 - Disney Marathon- Goal: TBD

    pmhill6 - 1/13- Disney Marathon

    CompetitiveChik - 1/13 - Houston Chevron Marathon

    Not too Swift - 1/21 - MLK Day 5K

    Patti678 - 1/26 - PolarBear 5K

    Docket_Rocket - 01/27 ING Marathon



    PressingOn - 02/16 - Woolley Trail Run Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 02/17 - A1A Marathon

    CompetitiveChik - 2/17 - Austin Half Marathon

    Runnrchic - 02/24 - New Orleans Marathon - Goal: break 4:34

    GregTR - 2/24 - Cowtown Marathon - Official 3:10 pacer



    Patti678 - 3/2- Albany Marathon, Albany GA

    CompetitiveChik - 3/2 - Woodlands Marathon

    JodisRunningForAutism - 3/3 - Seaside Half Marathon Destin, FL

    not too swift - 3/3 - Intown Ten (10K) Road Race

    PressingOn - 3/3 - Redmond Watershed Trail Run

    Docket_Rocket - 03/09 - 13.1 Miami Beach

    Julia1971 - 3/16 - Rock n Roll USA

    jojo61397 - 3/17 - Publix Atlanta Marathon - Goal: Sub-4:00 hour

    Patti678 - 3/17 Publix Half Marathon, Atlanta GA

    Not too Swift - 3/17- Georgia Marathon

    athensguy - 3/17- Georgia Marathon

    RVDowning - 3/17 - Shamrock Marathon

    ImNotScott - 3/17 - Shamrock Marathon

    Joe1775 - 3/23 - Haulin' in the Holler 50K

    onemile - 3/30 - Egg Shell Shuffle Half Marathon

    PressingOn - 3/30 - Cupcake Run Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 04/07 - Marathon Paris

    joe1775 - 4/13  - Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra 50

    Docket_Rocket - 04/14 - Key Biscayne Half Marathon

    marco59 - 4/15 - Boston - goal: 3:05

    markrice - 4/15 Boston - goal sub 3:15

    GregTR - 4/15 - Boston

    JenRosie - 4/15 - Boston

    onemile - 04/20 - Carmel Marathon

    Xrayman: 4/21: Lansing Marathon

    GregTR - 4/21 - London Marathon

    SIAR - 4/28 - Glass City Marathon

    GoneFishing - 04/28 - Big Sur, CA



    hilltopper91 - 05/05 - Broad Street Run

    jackdyl11 - 5/5 - New Jersey Marathon

    Joe1775 - 5/5 - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH

    Docket_Rocket - 05/07 - Puerto Rico Marathon

    Patti678 - 5/11 - Gulf Coast Half Ironman, Panama City Beach, FL

    RVDowning - 5/11Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

    SprinklesRunner - 5/19-Run for the Red Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 06/13/2012 - San Francisco Marathon



    Patti678- 7/4- Peachtree Road Race 10K: goal: PR



    Patti678- 8/23 & 24- Hood to Coast- 199 mile relay with 10 person team



    SprinklesRunner - Date TBD - Wineglass Marathon

    GregTR - 9/29 - Berlin Marathon



    GregTR - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon



    SprinklesRunner - 11/3 - NYC Marathon

    GregTR - 11/3 - NYC Marathon

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      Good luck to everyone running today!  We're all rooting for you.


      I'm up early in hopes of running with my running group today.  Doubles on tap for today - 6 in the a.m. and 4 in the p.m.


      Now that I have the new shoes, I have to figure out which of my old shoes I'm sending into retirement.  I think I'm retiring the old Wave Riders.  I never really liked them all that much.  I found them to be kinda stiff.  Here are my new kicks outfitted with bungee laces and shoe bling:


      I'm so happy I know how to post pictures now!


      SIAR, Nice job with the running yesterday.  Congrats on the placement!  And, you smashed your goal time.  Hope you're not feeling too tired today.


      Swift, How did GMP pace feel?  Did it feel hard or were you cruising?


      RVD, Have a good 16 today.


      Scott, Your wife sounds awesome.


      JenRosie, I added you to the board today.  I forgot to last week...  30mph winds.  I'm miserable in 10mph winds.  How did you manage it?  You must have been exhausted.


      Jack, I'm not familiar with that show, but I ended up watching all kinds of awful Saturday morning cartoons since I only have basic cable.  I don't know how parents take it day in and day out...  Good luck with the 20 today.

      Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.

      Brains aint me forte

        Thanks for getting us started Julia.  SRD for me.


        Backtracking to yesterday:


        A couple interesting things (to me) on my run yesterday.  I forgot to put my energy gel's in my pocket when I started out.  I realized it about 1/2 mile in but decided to experiment with running the planned 16 w/12 at MP without. I had eaten a good bit of pasta for dinner and a lot of popcorn (no butter) at the movies the night before.  I also ate half a plain bagel, dry, on the drive to the trail so I figured I would be OK.  I got hungry a couple times but just drank water when my stomach grumbled and I felt OK.  I thought I might really feel it the last few miles but I didn't, so I guess the experiment was a success?


        The other item of interest was kind of funny. I parked my car in the lot next to the trail and I was getting all my stuff together. Garmin, gloves, iPod, etc... when some guy pulls his car into the lot, jumps out of his car like it's on fire and takes off running down the trail. He didn't have anything but shorts, long sleeve shirt and shoes and off he goes like a shot.  It made me laugh at myself a little bit with all my "gear".  I fell in behind Mr. Speedy, who wasn't all that speedy after all.  He ran about 2.5 miles down the trail and turned around.  I guess he was just out for a quicky and must have been pressed for time.


        Jack - Wow. Where do you run a HM at night?


        Beth - Good job with the early morning swimming. It sounds like you are really enjoying that even when the coach isn't paying you compliments.


        NTS - 14 two days in a row is pretty awesome. You are really racking up the miles!


        SIAR - Congrats on your race!


        Julia - Good job on your 20 and also for not being star struck at the shoe store.  The weather turned out nice, but it was long after I finished my run.  I'm not complaining though, 42 at 8:00am in January is about 10 degrees warmer than it has been and I'll take it.


        CC - Good luck on your race today!  I hope you make your secret goal time!


        JenRosie - Hi! Welcome to the group!  I hope the 15 with your running group went well.


        RVD - Good job on the 10 and I hope your 16 today goes well. Expect warm temps!

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        Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp

          Good morning,


          Can't wait to read RRs later, if this piece of **** (I know I could type the word on this site) computer will allow it.  I am having major computer problems and don't have time at work to look much.  I have weekends off for the near future but weekdays are hectic.


          Beth--sorry I missed you yesterday

          SIAR--wow, those times are blazing!


          Did 10 yesterday, finally and am hoping to do the same today.  Still a lot of snow on the ground but we are in the 40s, so I can maybe ditch the tights and wear VFFs.


          Go figure

            Morning all! Good luck Docket, CC, Jodi and the rest!


            Im thinking I may take a RD today. I'm really not very sore, but I did hit my mileage for the week already, and since I raced pretty hard, it may be a good choice. Also, since this is a 20 week plan, I still have a long way to the finish line.


            Julia...Did you get to see the end of the Ravens game? What a crazy finish! Those new Riders do look much better than the ones I have. Mine are way too stiff. I'm so happy to see you transferred the bling over too haha. Your double today sounds nice and should be pretty easy on your body. Thanks for the race congrats. Interestingly, I don't think running 5 before the race had any negative impact like I thought it might. Also, since I haven't done any speed work in my cycle yet, I was thrilled with the paces.


            Scott...I think we are trained to think that gels are a lot more necessary than they are. Of course, I have somebody in my ear right now telling me I need to do more fueling and hydrating, so I'm giving it a try. Great job on the 16 yesterday, and rest well.


            Marco...there's nothing more frustrating to me than computer trouble, so I get your irritation. At least the weekends are free for you right now. Thanks for checking out my little RR - I was very pleased. I haven't heard you mention the VFFs lately with the weather...hope you can get some miles with them.

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              Had to fix the typo in the thread title.  Smile


              The group run went alright.  I ran with a woman who was pushing the pace a little faster than I would have run so I sped up a little.  I felt good, though, and in the end it wasn't much faster than many of my recovery runs.  I ran in my new Wave Rider 16s and they felt great so I'm planning to take the Nimbus back this afternoon.


              Scott, It was actually pretty nice yesterday.  I shouldn't complain.  This morning, the temps were pleasant, too, except for the dampness in the air.  I kinda like it, though.  It dampens the noise of the city and creates this calming effect.


              SIAR, Ravens fans owe me big time.  I'm pretty sure I willed that catch with 30 second left in the game to happen.  The game made me late to my party but...  Who schedules parties during the playoffs?

              Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.


              Go figure

                Umm, I lied - I ran.  *sigh*  I thought I'd go do my 3miles easy, 3miles hard, 3miles easy workout that was scheduled.  However, after the first 3 miles, I noticed that my easy pace was about 20 seconds slower than it usually is.  With that in mind, I just did 11.5 easy miles to give myself 80 miles for the week.


                Julia...If you're powerful enough to will miraculous plays to send games to overtime, can you go ahead and just will me my sub-3 please?  Glad the shoes felt good enough to keep and make you return the others.

                PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:25xx; '12) 10k (37:25; '14) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:27; '14)


                  SIAR, I think it only works on game day.  I think that's why I haven't been able to will the Browns to the Superbowl.  Or, a .500 season for that matter.  Sad  But, I'll have your back come April...  80 miles this week!  I'm impressed.  I hadn't realized you were racking up that level of mileage.  Are you trying to start another streak?

                  Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.


                  Go figure

                    SIAR, I think it only works on game day.  I think that's why I haven't been able to will the Browns to the Superbowl.  Or, a .500 season for that matter.  Sad  But, I'll have your back come April...  80 miles this week!  I'm impressed.  I hadn't realized you were racking up that level of mileage.  Are you trying to start another streak?


                    We can't even seem to will the Browns to get a decent coach!  Sports in this town are doomed.  My log is public on here too...I've been pretty good aside from the week I was sick.  I should be in the 70s and 80s from here through April, aside from a cutback here or there.  I don't know about the streak.  I just realized after I got moving this morning that I really didn't need a rest day and I wanted to run.  Really I just want my miles and streak to be like yours!

                    PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:25xx; '12) 10k (37:25; '14) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:27; '14)

                      shorts and VFFs in January!  Used the toesocks but feet were a bit cold as there were still some puddles to run through.  I did a little over 8 which seems to be my average these days.

                        Did my 4wu+8MP+4cd and hit my MP pace.  Did have GI issues. Thought I would try a second banana and peanut butter this morning.  Maybe I should go lighter on the pb next time.  Luckily I made it to the restroom at the 4.25 miles from trailhead point on the way back, just as I was transitioning to 4cd.  I also have good luck with Immodium,  Never thought to take any this morning.


                        Damaris got her bling.  Looks like she had a good day.


                        I've got rain expected for tomorrow (8 scheduled) and Tuesday (12 scheduled).  Guess I'll have to play it by ear.


                          Marco, Hope you enjoyed the summer like temps.  Wink  So, are you normally a barefoot/minimalist runner?


                          RVD, I get GI issues, too.  I try not to use Immodium during training.  I feel like I need to train myself to deal with that discomfort, too plus I can't imagine it's a really good thing to take.  But, I will use it on race day.  And, GI is why I can't eat fruit pre-workout and stick to breads.  Fruit moves right through me...  And, thanks for the intel re D_R.  I can't wait to hear how everyone did today.  I read in the sub-3:30 thread on the main board that the conditioners were tough.

                          Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.



                            I don't know about the streak.  I just realized after I got moving this morning that I really didn't need a rest day and I wanted to run.  Really I just want my miles and streak to be like yours!


                            I find I'm sluggish after rest days.  For me, running a handful of miles very slow is just as good...  Just checked out your log.  I liked the Hamster Wheel category for what I'm guessing are treadmills run.

                            Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.


                              Hey all!  Sorry I missed yesterday. I was sleeping.  Winds up I didn't have the flu (thank goodness!) but rather a head cold.  I slept 14 hours over Friday night to Saturday morning.  Still felt blah Saturday and not up to reading a lot on my computer.  Anyway, I feel back to normal today so whatever it was, it was short lived.  Today is an SRD.  I thought about running the miles I missed yesterday but I'm thinking I'll go ahead and take the RD.  I still feel like my body needs it.  This week I have hill repeats and a 20 miler and I want to make sure I'm ready for those workouts.  I also am going away for a girls scrapbooking weekend and I don't want to wind up relapsing before I can go.


                              Julia - I like the new shoes! Hard to believe there are women out there who can push the pace for you. Good job keeping up!


                              Jack - When my kids were tiny we had Dora and The Wiggles playing all the time. Now it's SpongeBob and all those "made for tween" shows. They get old too.


                              Scott - You were out much longer than that other guy. You needed your gear!


                              Marco - Sorry about the computer issues. Technology, can't live with it, can't live without it.  I bet ditching the tights and winter gear felt good today


                              SIAR - Congrats on the race! Sounds like a fun way to get some miles in. Warm up, race, cool down. I like it.


                              RVD - Hmm ... sorry the bfst didn't work so well for you. Good job getting the run done though despite the issues.


                              Damaris and CC - Congrats on your races!!!


                                Oh, Julia!  Can you add another race for me?  It's the Redmond Watershed Trail Run on March 3rd.  Thanks!