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So I have a bit of a dilemma (Read 63 times)


    I have my HM on sunday and am trying to figure out if I wanna race it or use it as part of my last long run. My next days off are Christmas (which it's suppose to storm) and Sunday (after christmas. we'll be in dallas). Anytime after that will be too close to Houston to do a long run. So I'm thinkin about doin 6 before the HM and 2 after. That should give me 21. I've thought about trying to do it on wednesday (the day after christmas) since I get up super early for the track workout already but I really feel like tryin to run 21 miles then work 9.5 hrs is a bit too much. 


    What do y'all think?

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    Go figure

      If Houston is your goal race, I really wouldn't race the half. I believe that it's supposed to be one day of rest per mile raced, right? (not that any of us really follow that). That puts you too close to the race I think. At most, I'd throw 4-6 MP miles in the race and go easier from there.

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        I'm with SIAR.  I think racing that long three weeks out might not give your legs enough time to recover.  I like your idea of making it part of your last long run.  And, I like the idea of doing 6 miles before.  It should keep you honest during the race.

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