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Go figure

    Got my run in finally.  It was a threshold run, with 2x15min at HMP(6:30) with 1 minute active recovery between.  Yep, 1 whole minute of recovery...thanks Brad Hudson lol.  Anyway, I feel really good about getting the run done.  I almost let myself stop at the beginning of the second set, but I fought hard mentally and hit my paces the whole way through.  I know that meeting my marathon goal in April is going to be as much a mental battle as a physical one, so I was pleased that I didn't give in today.  With my warmup and cool down miles, I got 10.13 miles for the day.


    CC...Congrats on taking the step to get a coach.  I was just discussing with Jack how nice I think it'd be to have a coach myself.  It sounds like she has a great history, and I'm sure you'll see some big improvements with her.  If nothing else, you'll probably get some new workouts to do, which will give your body a new stimulus to respond to.  That usually results in some good gains, and was the rationale behind me trying a new training program for my own marathon cycle this time.


    Pressing...Sorry you're not in the mood for the run.  20 seems like a lot since you really haven't gotten a ton of runs in lately (or maybe you have, but I seem to recall a few missed ones with you and the kids not feeling well).  Hopefully once you get out there you'll feel more into it, which is usually how it seems to go.  I hope you have a great weekend with your friends!


    RMT3B...Oh, that's right...I think I remember from the other forum that you were looking to meet up and run with some of the gals you chat with.  You all should have a blast, PR or not.  I confess to not knowing anything about the Route 66 marathon, and very little about the highway itself ha.

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    fake it till you make it

      Runnerchick-  Congrats on the turnaround!


      Julia-  re: the fueling thing.  Is there somewhere at work you can stash good post-run recovery food? A freezer for pre-made smoothies?  Peanut butter and bagel?  Beer? Wink   I guess that’s more stuff to worry about packing/hauling to work though, and still doesn’t help if you don’t have time to eat it.


      Runmom- nice marathoning schedule for the year!


      NTS hope that knee thing is random and short lived


      Scott- commuting with your spouse sounds nice.  That is, until I remember my spouse has an hour commute and mine is 10 minutes- I’ll stick with driving by myself! Hope you find some time for a few miles.


      Marco Ha! Not breaking a hip is a great goal to have and achieve!  I can appreciate that here in MN where most of my winter running is filled with ice and snow obstacles.


      RVD hope you get some rain-free running days soon.


      DR enjoy the dinner and drinks, can’t go wrong with that!


      SIAR  I think it would be fun to have real VDOT testing too.  I have to admit I’m guilty of using Daniels or McMillan or any similar numbers to train to the goal I want rather than at current fitness. Nice run today.


      CC A coach-  cool!  How much contact/feedback/structure do you get?


      Pressing I hope the 20 goes well, often times when I’m not in the mood to run I find that after 3 miles or so my attitude changes.  If not, then I reconsider the plan for the day. Hope your 20 leaves you feeling satisfied.


      10 miles done Hansons style tempo today- so that’s 2 mile warmup, 6 at goal MP, 2 mile cooldown. I’ve been doing most of my quality work on the treadmill as I find it tough to run that fast outdoors when its zero degrees, I’m wearing 10 pounds of warm clothing, and I’m dodging ice.


      Thanks to all for the pscyh talk yesterday.  I actually really like the “fake it till you make it” analogy, that might just work for me. Jack I’m going to check on the Joan Benoit video.  I love all running related movies and books, corny or not!  And Julia I’m going to try the ‘excited’ vs ‘nervous’ self-talk.

      mostly harmless

        The First Gold. I love this video. I had to get this song on my iPod after watching this the first time. Some of you might recall me mentioning getting mad at my iPod a week or two ago because I couldn't get it to bring up the song I wanted. This is the one.


        I tried to embed the video but it looks like that is disabled.  Here is a link instead:

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        Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp

        fake it till you make it

          The First Gold. I love this video. I had to get this song on my iPod after watching this the first time. Some of you might recall me mentioning getting mad at my iPod a week or two ago because I couldn't get it to bring up the song I wanted. This is the one.


          I tried to embed the video but it looks like that is disabled.  Here is a link instead:


          That was AWESOME!

          Bad Ass

            The Cirque show was amazing.  One of their best, IMO.


            Julia, yes, recovering...for next week.


            Heidi, I am meeting Marjorie and June.

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            Bad Ass

              And I am tired, working like a crazy woman, and wanting the weekend to come soon.  I didn't even notice this was a long weekend, until our boss finished the meeting with hope you guys enjoy your long weekend.  Sniff.

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              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."


                SIAR: Nice work on finishing that hard threshold run today.  1 minute recovery?  Holy hell.  You ran it at a crazy fast pace, too.  Your speed is so impressive!!!


                JenRosie: Very nice work on the MP run today on the TM.  I have been doing my speed work - well, actually, huge chunks of my running as of late - on the indoor track.  It's hard to run fast in the ice/snow/freezing temps, for sure!


                Scott:  I *heart* that video!


                  20 is in the bag!  It wasn't a horrible run, it wasn't a fabulous run, it was a decent run.  Decent works for me!  I enjoyed the first 13-14 miles and then the time out on the trail began to take its toll mentally.  It's these long training runs by myself (as in all of my long training runs) that I really wish I was a faster runner so I wouldn't have to be out as long.  I think it was especially grating today because I have a ton I need to do before I leave tomorrow and today is already filled with kid activities.  That said, the sun came out from the fog here and there which meant overall cold conditions (starting was 28) with moments of warmth when the sun broke through.  That works for me.  Nothing hurt and I had the determination to keep going past my parked car in 3 stupid loops until I hit 20 miles because I miscalculated my mileage.  It would have been easy, easy, easy to stop early but I didn't.  I guess that makes a successful run.


                  runmom - I do my lr's on Thursday's because I promised my dh I'd keep my weekends free for him and the kids (unless it's a race, of course). I'm a stay at home mom so it's easy for me to do it this way. But yeah, it makes for a long Thursday.


                  SIAR - Way to go hitting all your paces and not giving up. The mental aspect of running is nothing to be taken lightly. It does play a big part! Actually, I did get my runs in(except one 3 miler). I did them on the tm and back and forth up our service drive. It was the swimming I missed.


                  JenRosie - I can see how ice would make quality runs difficult. I had to cross a few bridges on my run today and they were slick!


                  Damaris - Glad the show was good!


                  Okay, off to get packed up what I can before kids are home and we take off for swim lessons.


                    Aaaaaand, we got no snow.  I don't even think we got rain today.  Typical.


                    SIAR, I've seen video of the Chicago storm somehow.  That was very bad.  Glad you got your run in after a slow start.  And, it was a tough one.  Good job!  I'm a little jealous since I struggle to hit HMP in training.


                    CC, Cool, a coach!  I hope the initial meeting went well.  And, FWIW, I usually take a string of days off after a marathon myself.  Usually because I realize I've let everything else in my life go and need to...  Oh, pay four months worth of bills, for example.


                    Pressing, Enjoy the long weekend!  Decent runs are okay.  How did Lindsay Lohan put it, "Be Adequate".  (I think she misspelled "adequate" but, I won't kick her when she's down and heaven knows I can barely spell myself).


                    RMT3B, Do you have a time goal in mind for your marathon?  I know it's a little while away...  In some ways, I feel I'm running my first marathon again so the sub-3:15 goal seems like newbie over-reaching.  But, we'll see.


                    JenRosie, I have some food in the office - not much, so I could stock up on some stuff.  I think the problem is that I'm just cutting the time too short and not giving myself enough time to even eat.  I really just need to get up like...  15 minutes earlier.  I just can't do it.  LOL!


                    Scott, I've seen this before but good to see again...  And, the song repeatedly shows up in my race playlist.  In fact, I remember doing a 20-miler on a treadmill and listening to this over and over to get me through it.

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                      Julia: I'm shooting for 3:25.


                      Go figure

                        I haven't been able to get Scott's link to work and it's bumming me out!


                        Docket...glad you had a good time at the show. Enjoy the weekend.


                        Rmt3b...thanks. You practically did the same workout just a couple days ago! I honestly think you could wait a bit before picking your time goal, although I can see not wanting to be too aggressive. My second was 14 minutes faster than my first, and on a tougher course. I think a lot of others have had similar jumps too.


                        Pressing...great job getting the 20 in and showing some good mental toughness yourself! Sorry I was confused about you missing a couple runs - I'd be annoyed if someone said I didn't run when I did.


               snow? Boring. I don't even remember what a big snow storm is anymore, but I guess I shouldn't complain. It's only fun for the first day or two, then it's just annoying trying to run through the remnants. HMP is really tough in training. I don't know how I could run that for practically another hour more than my workout. I guess adrenaline just plays a huge role. In a couple weeks I have 15 min MP, then 15 min HMP, then 15 min 10k. I'm already scared!

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                        Go figure

                          Jen....sorry, I missed ya! Nice job on the Hanson run today. Putting in MP miles often has to be a big confidence boost. It is tough getting the quality in outside when conditions are bad. As long as it's still in the 30s I feel pretty nimble in tights, a l/s shirt and a vest though. I like that you made my fake it saying your quote Smile

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                          Just B.S.

                            Sorry guys didn't any have time to read today and now I"m exhausted! I'm going to be away all

                            day tomorrow so I will try to catch up tomorrow evening.


                            One hour swim this morning.


                            Lunch with friends then coffee with son.


                            7.5 km run in the afternoon.


                            Went to coached swim with hubby  6:15-7:15 this evening.


                            Spent some time on the phone and exchanging emails with some folks about our next big adventure! Yipee!!!!


                            Won't say too much now until we have our group meeting but looks like our gaggle of local runner/travellers

                            that we went to the Bermuda Challenge with are going on another big trip in the fall just in time for hubby's 50th

                            b'day, it will involve a marathon and it will be our first time across "The Pond".Big grin


                            Hope you all had a good day!


                              RMT3B, Cool.  I ran 3:26 at National here in D.C. in 2011 following Pfitz 18/70 if you want to take a look.  I think I followed it pretty closely.  The tune-up races are always the problem.  And, that might have been the Snow-meggedon year.  It's so hard to keep track of the -meggedons.


                              SIAR, You're not "scared".  You're "excited".  Get with the program!  Wink

                              “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the fight in the dog. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


                              My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

                              Finally PRed!!!

                                Hi everyone!


                                Scott: hope you enjoyed the RD.


                                marco: I do not miss running on ice! Great job getting over 5 in. I'm going to go as all out in the 5K as I can,  considering I have 16 with the marathon training group on Saturday. I don't think the course for the 5K is all that fast (part is on grass), but I want it to be a reasonable test of my current fitness.


                                RV: great job with the TM run.


                                Docket: nice recovery 4, yay for dinner and drinks!


                                Julia: glad your run went well. In fact, it is about time I get at least one new pair of shoes, and then an additional pair before my marathon. The pair I try to wear for many longer runs is still fairly new(about 100 miles), but  my other pairs are  getting up in miles, and in fact with all the rain we've had, I pulled one pair out of semi-retirement just to have a dry pair. The knee did feel better today, and tomorrow is an SRD.


                                CC: very cool that you got a coach. Sounds like it could work out really well--I'll be interested to hear how it goes.


                                SIAR: Great job with your threshold run! I remember those 1 min active recoveries from when I  tried Hudson. That is interesting about group runs. I guess sometimes it is probably easier for me to hold a good tempo pace in a group with people ahead of me to chase. But last night I knew I could have slowed down and still had people to run with, as there were people with a big range of paces. Tonight's was a  different story, it was smaller and I  was the only woman  (luckily there was one guy who is not much faster than I am). Yes, it is nice to have a cutback week before the 5K.


                                JenRosie: great job with the Hansons tempo (MP run to me!).


                                Pressing: nice work with the 20! Great job not stopping early doing those loops near the car. Have a great weekend!


                                My 6+ at lunchtime went well enough. It was raining again and windy and I only did the middle 2 at MP, the rest easy. Then tonight's group run was interesting. It was all guys except for me, and not even that many of them, probably because of the weather.  So I ended up averaging 10-15 sec faster than GMP just trying to keep up with the slowest guy. Then a little while after I finished, some guys who had  apparently arrived at the store after we left came back from their run, so it's not like I got back way after all of them. At least it  was a short run, and I'm not running tomorrow. The knee felt pretty good, actually felt better this evening than for the lunchtime run.

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