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Daily Runner 1/12/13 (Read 162 times)


    My first 20 miler went as well as I could have expected.  Finished in 8:44 pace overall with close to 4 miles at 8:06 pace, which was faster than the GMP+10% that Pfitz calls for, but the section is a downhill and I was feeling good.  I really felt good throughout.  So, the only thing I took in was water and I didn't notice any ill effects.


    After a short rest, I went to my local running store to see about a new shoe.  I was fited by a local elite which was kinda cool.  When she introduced herself, I wanted to say, "I know who you are" but I played it cool.  Cool  She brought out a few shoes and I'm thinking, "Whatever you bring out, I'm probably going to buy".  But, she brought out two pairs of Brooks (Ghost and Glycerin) and even thought they felt good in the midfoot, they were very "rolly polly".  Like not enough custion under the toe.  She also brought out the new version of the Mizuno Wave Rider and my old shoe - the Asics Gel Nimbus.  The Wave Rider was interesting in that, it feels like there's so little going on that it felt barefoot-ish.  And, I thought it was weird that even though I've only been out of it for something like 6 months, the Gel Nimbus feels heavy now.  In the end...  I couldn't decide so I bought both because my parking meter was about to expire.  Smile  I might take the Gel Nimbus back but I might use it for my long runs since it's so cushiony.


    Pizza and beer time.  Go Ravens!

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    My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

    Finally PRed!!!

      Hi everyone! Great job to all the racers today! Good luck to everyone racing  tomorrow too!


      CC:: hi! Have a great race tomorrow if  you look in here!


      Jen: great job with the 15+ this morning.


      jack: right, 14 was not quite enough--with my race just 9 weeks away now, this is really unusual for not to have any really long LRs yet (though I'm pretty sure last time I did too many really long ones. I'm going to do extra miles before the group run a few more times. Have a nice 8, and no I've never seen that show!


      Scott: great job with the 16 with MP miles.


      SIAR: great racing, congrats on 10th overall, sounds like you did a great  job on the tough course.


      RV: nice 10!


      Julia: great job with your 20, impressive pace! Enjoy the pizza and beer!


      So I ran 2 slow before meeting the group, then the 14 with the group went well, pretty nice pace. Did some miles at around GMP, some just bit  slower, and one in the middle close to 30 sec faster than GMP. Ran that mile with a guy I know (faster than I am) who had stopped  to use a bathroom  and ended up behind where I was ('cause he'd had to  look for one). So the one faster mile was with him, then I let him go and ran with the 3:45 pace group people the rest of the way. I was very happy with how easy it felt, considering I just ran tempo 2 days ago.


      Planning another 14 tomorrow, and they will be much easier.

      PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09


      Go figure

        RVD...nice job on the 10 today. It was amazing weather today here too. Have a good run tomorrow too - that's a really nice weekend of mileage,


        Julia...way to go on the 20. Being able to throw some faster miles in there is a great confidence boost too. I'm glad you found a shoe, or two, that you liked. That's a perfect example of why shoe companies make so many models though...I have the Rider and they're my least favorite shoe and my description would be nothing like yours was. Hope the beers have been going down smoothly Smile.


        Swift...thanks! I felt really good about my effort, especially since I've yet to get into any speed work this cycle. Nice job with your miles and picking someone to get some faster ones in with. Enjoy that run tomorrow.

        Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn