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    Scott...bummer about the soccer! Does he like indoor? As a goalie, I wasn't a real big fan. Guys strike that thing pretty hard and they are awfully close indoors. As for Thing 2, I think you need to set her up with some YouTube and let the finger wagging begin. Sorry about your run. It's one of those lessons to be learned over time I guess. I have runs where I feel weirdly anxious too, mostly related to speed and not distance though.


    He likes indoor because it is fast, although not so much when it is his turn in goal.  He's a full time GK on the school team and plays outside MF for his club team.  Indoor is all about fun.  The boys coach themselves, don't have practice and call themselves the Seacows.  The pre-game cheer is "ONE-TWO-MOOOOOOOOOOOO!".


    I've run 14 enough time that I'm not intimidated by the distance anymore.  After a little time to reflect I think I was just anxious to get back home to keep an eye on the boy.  I just hope I didn't injure myself running too fast so close to the 20 miler last weekend. I might take a URD tomorrow just to be safe.  I'm starting to wonder if this plan is a little too much for me.


      Um, okay I swear I posted here this morning.


      got to the park and almost immediately I spot a fox. so cool. it soon ran away though. :-( I was truckin along just fine. decided to do 5 and just take it somewhat easy. soon after I turned around the lightning started. and I swear I heard thunder but I had my headphones in so I'm not too sure about that. I high tailed it out of there. Where I run is open and there is no shelter. Got in the last 2 miles at around 8min pace. It's suppose to storm and likely flood the next 2 days but taper off wed night. so hopefully I'll beable to get my next run in tomorrow night.

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      Bad Ass

        Thanks, guys.  I read everything but I'm cooking dinner so forgive me for the lack of shoutouts.


        8 miles with 10 X 100m done.  Awesome run.


        BBL if I can!

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        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


          The 15 miles went well this morning.  The temps were low but the sun was out so it wasn't so bad.  I thought I'd have dead legs from the race and long run this weekend but I actually ran pretty well - 8:28 pace.


          D_R, I wasn't sure since you hadn't been feeling to well but am excited that you are.  Smile


          Scott, your DD has some verticle reach!  How tall is she?  Sorry to hear about DS but allowing him to take it out of the sling seems like a good thing...  We all go out too fast sometimes.  Wasn't it nice out, though?


          RVD, hope your tummy is feeling better.  (And, that the pizza at least tasted delicious at the time).


          Marco, keep holding out!  (I know - easy for me to say.  Smile)


          Jack, I'll be more than happy to provide my opinion when I have one.  I tend not to give unsolicited advice, so now that you've asked...  Evil.  LOL!  Everything I've learned about running has been through reading (I'm a big fan of Daniels but could not understand his marathon plan for the life of me) and my "experiment of one" (I did a lot of track work and then switched to high mileage after plateauing).


          Pressing, thanks for asking.  I haven't heard much from my brother today but I'm guessing that means the surgery went well and he's spending time in the NICU rather than going outside to make calls/texts.  I seem to recall in the past that you get a very narrow window to go in to see them and you really need to be there when it happens...  I love the name Cupcake Marathon.  I'm guessing you get a cupcake at the end.  Or, it's super easy.  Wink


          SIAR, +1 on hoping the snow melts.  We have a warm front moving through this weekend, too.  I can't wait.  You like hill sprints, huh?  I can't stand them.  Probably my least favorite workout...  Yeah, it's not looking good for Jillian but I'm keeping the faith.


          Swift, hope you enjoyed the rest day and the tweak in the shins works it way out.


          CC, I bet that was scary.  You high tailed it out of their quick, though.  Smart.

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            after I spoke with a friend about what I saw and described it she said it sounded like a coyote. which it likely was. coyotes are more likely to be in the reservoir than a fox. plus the tail wasn't fluffy like a fox. but either way it was an awesome sight to see. I really love runnin there

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