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Daily Runner 1/14/13 (Read 178 times)

Just B.S.

    A choice between a weekend of scrapping and suicide.....    I'm not sure.....


    To each his own!LOL I have lots of great memories preserved for my family, of running

    and our other adventures and spent lots of fun times with friends being catered to

    by B&B staff and sharing laughs.........lots of worse things to do!


    P.S. you should hear what my scrapping friends thinks about spending $$ to go away to run

    a a marathon!Big grin



      CC...Enjoy your well-deserved rest.  I hope your body is kind to you and that nothing else sneaks up on you.  Is the chaffing just from the rain you think, or something you normally fight?



      Chaffing used to be a normal thing for me until I started wearing compression shorts and using body glide. But yesterday was b/c of the rain. I put body glide everywhere but it rained so hard at times and for so long that I guess the friction rubbed it away. I could feel it about half way through the run but I just sucked it up. After a while I just couldn't feel it anymore

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        I had a great run this morning.  It was probably a bit fast but I was inspired by the nice weather and was feeling good so I went with it.  We'll see if I pay for it during tomorrow's medium run.  And, I'm still liking my new shoes.  I like to have two pair in circulation, so now I need to figure out if I'm going to get a second pair of Wave Ride 16s or another pair of Precisions.  I saw online they come in purple instead of electric pink.  Smile


        Jen, -7?!  I can't even imagine how that feels.  I hope your core temperature is back to normal.


        Marco, Yay!  A heat wave!  Enjoy it while it lasts.


        Just B.S., Can you take something for the insomnia or are you trying to avoid that?  I remember a few years ago my doctor put me on Ambien because I was on an anti-biotic that causes sleeplessness and O.M.G.  It was the best - I'd sleep solidly through the night and no hungover feeling the next day.


        RVD, So, you're a Mizuno wearer, too.  They seem popular here on RA.  What are water shoes?


        CC and D_R, Enjoy your rest day!


        SIAR, Glad the legs are feeling good.  You ran some tough miles this weekend.


        Scott, Sounds like you had a great run.  I hadn't realized there was rain in the forecast.  I might head to the treadmill, too.  The last time I ran in the rain, I got a chafe mark on my neck that's just finally healed.


        Pressing, Hope your son feels better soon.

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          Nothing to see here - I had a temper tantrum a little while ago, but I guess I got through. About 3 very angry miles on the treadmill.  Now I'm going to bed, but I hope everyone had a good run today!