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Reason to wear a helmet (Read 8 times)


    Hey Guys, sorry I've been MIA.....again, but what's new, right?


    Well, last friday was suppose to be a rest day for me. Its been raining alot here so we haven't been able to get out and ride.Friday was sucha  beautiful day that I decided I wanted to ride. I originally wanted to go mountain bikin but I was told that hills wouldn't be safe. So me and a friend decided to ride our road bikes on the paved trail where I run. we had 2 miles left of a 30 mile ride when (all I remember is) my front tire got caught in a rut and I was on the ground holding my head. (my friend later told me that I was thrown from my bike, landed on my head first, landing on my left side, hitting my hip next and rolling till I came to a stop). My friend had to swerve to keep from hittin me. another cyclist was out and stopped to help. theycalled 911 and the EMT's took me to Memorial Hermann in the Med Ctr. (so glad I live in the city that has the best trauma care unit in the US). They took x-rays and mri's. Everything came back fine.


    I finally got to look at my helmet just before they discharged me. If I had not been wearin my helmet that day there is no way I would still be walkin or even here. I would either be dead or paralized. I've cried quite a bit knowing just how blessed I am to still be alive and/or walking. Life could be so different right now.


    So I've been takin it real easy trying to heal up. I was suppose to run Austin this weekend but made the difficult decision to DNS. I wanna heal up completely for the Woodlands in a few. Besides, this is my goal race and I was runnin Austin for fun. My friend (dont know if you guys remember her Slowrunninjulie) Julie on fb will get my packet and mail it to me.


    I texted my coach and told her I was startin to feel better and wanted to start my trainig back up wednesday. so she told me to do some llipty/bike and then an easy run on thursdday.

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    Go figure

      Wow, so glad to read that you are okay!  Heal up and take your time getting back into everything.  I haven't ever considered riding without a helmet, but this is still a great reminder to make sure that doesn't change.  Sorry that you're going to miss Austin, but as you said, that's not much of a sacrifice in the scheme of things.  Take care!

      Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

      Just B.S.

        CC, so sorry to hear about your incident! And sorry that you will have to DNS your race but at least

        you will be able to do your goal race.


        Do people still not wear helmets when cycling?? Where i come from it just seems so strange. Helmets have

        been law here for several decades and I find it so odd to go elsewhere and see people riding road bike and

        motorcycles without not smart.


        Our P/T and friend is an Ironman. Last August he was cycling and it started raining, his tired slipped on railroad

        tracks and he went flying. Mind you I"m sure he was going at quite a clip, he was doing is last training ride before

        the Mount Tremblanc IronMan, which never happened for him.  His wife was with him, she is an IronWoman. He

        .doesn't remember much but she says that he literally hit the pavement on his side and then bounced about

        4 ft in the air.


        Broken collar bone, fractured pelvis, 5 fractured ribs, a punctured lung and fractured tibia..........his helmet was

        literally in pieces but his head was not.


        I see him at the pool everyday doing his water running before going off to his clinic. It will still take a

        while before he can do another Ironman but at least he is alive........and so are you.....thank goodness.


          Thanks guys.


          SIAR - yeah, austin was just for fun. didn't plan on racing it but I knew if I went out there anyways I would push myself.


          just b.s. - hear the law states that only children have to wear helmets. adults do not. i feel it should be a law as well but unfortunately  it's not. I do still see ppl out there riding bikes without helmet. My husband is one of them. It makes me mad that he doesn't but I can't make him. I don't understand why they don't other than it makes them look goofy. but I would rather look goofy than be dead or a vegetable.


          Make no mistake, I know how fortunate I am to be alive AND walking. God is so good to me.

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            cc--so glad you are OK!  Sorry you won't do Austin but can still just go for it at The Woodlands.