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2013 RnR USA Marathon Race Report (Read 78 times)


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    Tough times never last, but tough people do. – Dr. Robert Schuller

    Brains aint me forte

      Wow! What a stressful start to the race you had!  You did a GREAT job of pulling it together and getting focused. I don't know if I could have done that.  Your placement in a field that big is nothing short of spectacular.  Congratulations Julia!


      PS - and you got your stuff back! woot!

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      Go figure

        Julia!  The phrase beautiful disaster comes to mind after reading your report.  We've got to get you to races sooner so that you can relax and warm up a little.  That stress would have killed me.  I'd love to know what happened with that hamstring of yours.  It seems like it just came up out of nowhere the last couple weeks.  I'm impressed that you pushed through it because it does sound like it hurt you.  You sound funny about the waving and fist pumping...I'm surprised you didn't stop to kiss any babies Smile


        As for the race, what an awesome job.  Your even splits are really impressive and definitely show some great endurance.  It seems like that first hill is when you really settled back down and realized you were racing.  As for the middle miles, that's always tough when the halfers split away.  And I definitely don't think you have any curse to worry about.  You clearly have the fitness that if you just keep your focus through those points your times won't fall off any.


        Moving to the end of the race....the Garmin shut off?  Really?  As if you hadn't dealt with enough!  At least it kept you from being focused on the clock the last 6 miles and may have helped you not to be as disappointed as you initially felt.  Having some people to race back and forth with the last few miles must have been a nice boost too. (somehow in all the racing I've done I feel like I've yet to ever actually race anyone - maybe it's just my personality)


        I'm sorry you feel some disappointment after this race.  Your stats tell a bit of a different story though, and you really accomplished a lot.  Just to keep on training like you did through all the other disappointment was really impressive.  It probably put a little extra pressure on this race, so maybe now you can just put this and those other races behind you.  AND, you got your bag back!!!  How nice of a surprise is that.  Sounds like you had a great party too.


        A major award for you, since you deserve it Smile  (from A Christmas Story, if you're not familiar)

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          SIAR, I love my award!  "Fra-gel-eee".  Is that Italian?  I should print it out and tape it to the window so my neighbors can see it.  Smile

          Tough times never last, but tough people do. – Dr. Robert Schuller



            You ran a great race despite all that went on at the beginning.  That would have drove me nuts.  I am extremely envious of anyone that can do even splits.  I have never come close.


            Glad you got your belongings back and congratulations on snagging some AG placements.

              Nice race and well written report. Congrats.

              Finally PRed!!!

                Wow, what an awesome job in your race!!  After all that you went through with the whole gear check mess, it is even more impressive. That would have really rattled me. Really great job with the splits, and very nice placement. I'm so glad you got your bag back, too! Great race, and I'm sure you have even faster ones ahead of you.

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                Bad Ass

                  Wow.  I have had races like that and they take a lot out of you mentally.  You fought all that crap out and won.  I think you did great.  Congrats!

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                    Tough times never last, but tough people do. – Dr. Robert Schuller

                    fake it till you make it

                      An excellent race report.  Again, I'm amazed by details others can remember from their races, I tend to blur it all out once I'm done.


                      "Panic and rage."

                      The rage would've done me in right there and I would've had a terrible race.  Way to overcome. You seem to have the mental part of racing totally under control.  Impressive.


                      The middle miles-   So what do you think made your middle mile curse go away? The higher mileage? Something else?


                      The final miles- love the interaction with the crowd and other runners here, and impressed that you seem so clear headed.  I stop being able to do simple math at that point.


                      Congratulations on the PR!  And didn't you win your age group? Also, I gotta say re: your finish photo- dang you are gorgeous girl!  And nice legs!ShockedBlush

                      Bad Ass

                        Love the finish line picture!

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                        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."


                          Wow, what a stressful way to start your race and sounds like more aggravations once you were well into the race (Garmin shut off - Agh!) but you overcame and still ran a great race!  Seriously, your time and placing are outstanding and while not your goal, still an accomplishment to be proud of.  I too liked the finish line photo.  Great job and also happy you got your stuff back.  Phew, huh?  Smile