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Daily Runner - 12/31/12 - Happy New Year's Eve! (Read 183 times)


    Scott, congrats on the mileage PR.  I didn't realize you were so new to running.


    Pressing, your NYE sounds similar to mine.  Except I'm going with actualy champagne.  Wink  I haven't watched NYE celebrations on the television in years, so I'm kinda looking forward to it...  Bike computer sounds interesting.  What does it do?


    Swift, congrats on the mileage PR for you, too!


    SIAR, rest up.  Get ready for a new streak in 2013.


    My tempo run went well.  It felt comfortably hard but wasn't 15K-Half pace, which is no surprise but frustrating.


    My NYCM t-shirt arrived in the mail today!  I got the medal about a month ago but what I really wanted was the shirt.  And, it seemed fitting that it came today.  2012 was a crazy marathon year for me but here's to better mojo in 2013!

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