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Daily Runner - 02/16/2013 (Good Luck Pressing On) (Read 20 times)

Finally PRed!!!

    Hi everyone!


    Hope Pressing is having a great race!


    Docket: Hope you have a great race tomorrow!


    B.S: Hope you had a nice run with the Disney girls.


    Scott: Enjoy the SRD and the tourney!


    marco: Nice 15!


    SIAR: Nice job with the 12+, hope the weird ankle pains go away.


    JenRosie: Great job with the 18.5!


    jojo: Hmm, tough one. My half PR was set 4 days after a 22-mile progression run, but I've never come close to doing anything like that since.


    Julia: Great pace on your 18!


    QOTD: I guess I am kind of doing a 3 week taper, but the first week of that is really only slightly down from my cycle average (and still around 50 miles, so not that much of a taper to me). I may have already done my highest mileage week for the cycle, just felt it was better to back off just a bit and make sure I can hit my paces (also because of the knee). Plus I have a 10K 2 weeks before the marathon, and the marathon training group I'm running with has the 22 3 weeks out. That said, it seems like most people prefer 2 weeks. 


    I ran about 12.3 total today, not all at once. I ran part of the run with my regular training group, but cut it short to go do a relay race with BoMF, where I ran 4x 400 at about 6:45 pace (with rest in between while my other 3 teammates ran). Did some warmup/cooldown with the relay too.


    Have a great Saturday, all!

    PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09

      Jodi--I don't follow a schedule.  I do 50-60 mile weeks and try to do 2-3 LRs in the 4-8 weeks before a marathon.  I have only done 6 marathons, but for me,  three week tapers in the last two have worked great.  Had a ton of doubts during the three weeks but PR'd in both and really didn't feel like I gave it my all on race day.  Great to hear from you!


        Hey All, we're super busy today. I got a few minutes to come up for some air so I'm doin a quick post.


        got out for mylast long run this morning of 16miles. coach told me to go all out and report my pace back to her. I started out pretty fast but I settled into a 8:48 pace. evrything felt great. I was kinda worried about how my body would react to this workout but fortunately everything was great.


        gotta git back to work. check y'all layta

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          Hi all! I was too busy to get on here yesterday, but I got 10 in yesterday and another 10 today.  Today's run was finally a bit quicker than where I've been running (6:57), although my HR was too high.  I'm looking forward to getting my first long run in in more than a month tomorrow morning - 18 with my running group.


          Pressing (Pam?) - Good luck!! You're probably already done by now, though.


          BS - Hope you had fa good swim.  Glad to hear the knee only took a day to recover.


          Scott - Have fun on you SRD.


          SIAR - Wow, great job on the mileage! My rule is that if both sides are hurting, then it's ok.  Do they get worse as the run goes on, or do they feel better as you warm up?


          Julia - Probably a good idea about the race.  No point in tiring yourself out this close to race day for data you can't use.


          DR - Good luck tomorrow!  37 isn't too bad, but those winds sound tough!


          Marco - Good job on the 15.  I like the laid back running philosophy - I bet it keeps the injuries away.


          Jen - That's what I hear your supposed to feel like at the end of long run.


          NTS - Sounds like a cool run.


          CC - I didn't see that you had gotten into an accident, but I'm happy you're back running!  It feels so good to get back out there.  I would like to echo what Beth and SIAR said about putting running in perspective because they're definitely right, but I know I'm way too into running and I get depressed when I can't go workout.  So, again, glad to see you're doing ok.


          Jodie/QOTD - I'm not an expert, but I'm planning on a two week taper for my marathon in May, laying off the volume more than the speedwork as JenRosie said.  For your half, I think you have to decide if PRing in this half is important enough that you're willing to do a full taper for it and probably miss some miles that could help you in your marathon two weeks later.  If you are going with the taper, I'd suggest flipping your 20 to Monday, as long as you feel comfortable that you can recover from 20 in time, and then cutting the 16 down to about 12, if even that much.  I'm planning 8 miles as a long run the week before my goal race.  You might be in such better shape than your PRs that you can avoid doing an aggressive taper and still do well in both races, though, so maybe this isn't necessary.


          Mta: all that being said, i agree that tapering is very individualized.  Definitely something to experiment with until you figure out what works for you.


            Hi all!  I finished and am alive.  Big grin It was my 2nd slowest marathon (by 4 minutes).  Ha. I ran the first 6.5 with a friend doing the half. She was having a hard time keeping up the pace so we went super slow. It wasn't the worst thing as it killed any deep seated dreams I may have still harbored about racing this thing. So I took it slow and chatted with the volunteer's.  I probably spent a little too long at the aid stations chatting but the volunteer's were a chatty and friendly bunch! My Garmin, which paused when I paused read 5:08 (on a course the RD told us was purposefully slightly long - oy!) but my finish time was 5:27. Those extra minutes were spent sipping on Ginger Ale and eating licorice at the aid stations. By the way, love, love, love Ginger Ale in a marathon. Yum. It hit the spot. I'm so glad I tried it. Smile It rained and rained and rained. Did I say it rained? I've never been so wet in a race. To top it off, at the 20 mile aid station I was filling my water bottle when the rain water that had collected on the canopy decided to let loose. It washed all down my back. I would guess it was at least a full pitcher's worth of water. Brrr. It warmed up quickly though and really, I was already so wet it didn't matter much. The course was dirt and gravel which slowed me down some too. Gravel is annoying after awhile. Most of the race I was completely by myself with not another soul in sight. No music either. It was a peaceful run. Smile I feel pretty good tonight overall. I've been able to walk both up and downstairs without too much difficulty. We'll see if that lasts into tomorrow. Hopefully it will as the reason for running this thing slow is so I can recover quickly for the next marathon in 2 weeks.  I'm not Damaris who can run race after race after race.  Wink  Oh, one of the pleasant surprises?  Despite all the ginger ale I inhaled I never once had to stop to use the restroom.  That's a first for me in a marathon.  I was quite happy not to have to squat in the woods.  Blush
            Okay, that's a long enough RR for ya for now. Time to chow down on Mexican food!


              PressingOn, Congratulations!  I'm sure your friend appreciated the company at the start.  Sorry to hear about the rain but I can imagine it was a peaceful run all by yourself with nothing but nature around you...  How did Ginger Ale help?  Did it calm the GI issues?  I might have to try that.  Smile  Hope your recovery is going well!

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