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Daily Runner - 4/10/13 (Read 14 times)


Go figure

    Ran 5 with the group and felt pretty good - not great, but a good sign. Time to go ice and have a late dinner.

  psychosis is gonna make you look very normal, regardless of how you get.


    Docket...thanks. I'm trying.


    Have a good night guys.

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      My 9 miles went alright this morning.  I faded a little toward the end but finished strong.


      I'm still planning to run a 5K on Friday.  I'm not sure I'll get sub-20 but I might be close.  In any case, it'll be fun.


      Scott, We set a heat record here in NOVA.  I got out for lunch and it didn't feel so bad.  I think it's because it wasn't all that humid.  What was great, though, is that they haven't turned on the A.C. in our building yet.  For the first time ever, my office was comfortable.  Normally, my office is about 60 degrees.  Today, it was 70!  I was overwhelmed with room temperature happiness.


      HillTopper, My favorite flavor is the fruit punch.  But, I'm trying to finish off the tri-berry I bought by mistake.  I'm going to a running event tomorrow where the flyer says they'll be serving "Nuun-tinis".  I really hope it's an alcoholic drink and not just Nuun but something tells me I'll be disappointed.


      JoJo, Good luck finding a good shoe.  I found a good pair of Nike's at the Sports Authority that I use at the gym.  It's got a completely flat sole and snug in the foot.


      Jack, Glad to hear you're feeling recovered from the race.  So, do you feel it was a good tune-up for the marathon?


      RVD, Good luck with the double.


      Marco, A couple more days and you'll get a break from work.  Hope the mystery pains aren't causing you any stress.


      D_R, Glad the asthma was in check today.


      SIAR, Do what you need to do.  Warm baths, red wine, and 8 hours of sleep can do wonders for anxiety. Smile  You still have time for that to heal up.  Are you still running the half this weekend?

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      Go figure

        Julia...I have total faith in sub20 for you, especially by next weekend. I am still going tomdo the half. I feel like I need it, and it should give me a good idea if the issue is my head or body. I've never experienced anything like this before.

        PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:25xx; '12) 10k (37:25; '14) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:27; '14)

        Bad Ass

          Hi, guys.  I had no internet until now, bah.  Did 5.12 miles, 2.56 with the Hokas and 2.56 with new trail shoes (Saucony ProGrid TRs).  Both in rough grass.  I liked the Hokas but they made me super slow and I was tired by the end of the run (it was 90F and humid, so you never know).  Then, the other shoes were OK.  I still prefer my Peaks II (Pearl Izumi) but I wanted to see if the Hokas were a good option for next week.  I think I need to do more miles in them before using them for the ultra.


          I also did weights.


          Take care, all!  Hoping to have internet 100% soon.

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