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Daily Runner 2/21/2013 (Read 16 times)


Go figure

    Julia...Nicely done on the speedy recovery.  I guess if it felt easy it still counts as recovery.  As for the weather, I've always thought it would be really fun to be one of the weathermen that reports from all the big storms!  Maybe he figures the rest of the city folk aren't as outdoorsy as he is.  And you're right, I do like the shorter shorts, but 3" is my preferred inseam for racing.  1-2" are too small, even for my taste.  It looked to me like their two options may have been 5" and 1"...I could always call and ask.

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      D_R, No, I actually like the hand on the hip. It totally says, "I'm a bad ass". Smile


      SIAR, They really don't give you much of a range, huh. Have you looked over at Asics or Saucony? I like their stuff. They might have something in that length... I'm still counting it as recovery but it worries me that my legs feel this good on 85 mile weeks. I need to get this race over with! LOL!

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