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    Hey guys. My time is not what I was expecting. Im extremely disappointed in myself. I cried for hours yesterday. I worked so hard and got nothing in return. I wanted, at the very least, a pr and I couldn't even get that. I don't know what happened yesterday. I just couldn't seem to make things work.  Right now I don't even know if I wanna run another marathon again. 

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      I'm so sorry Rachel! Sometimes, despite all the hard work, is just isn't our day. I know that you know that already but try to keep it in mind. Give yourself some time to take it all in before you make any decisions on the future.


        I'm so sorry Rachel...  Take a few days and process it and then decide.  The season's almost over, maybe have a race-free summer, and come back in the fall ready to go.




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          Ugh.  I'm so sorry to hear the race didn't go the way your planned.  I know how much you wanted that PR and how hard you worked to get it.  I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a hug.  I agree with everyone else - take a few days and then decide.

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            Rachel--very sorry to hear that....similar conditions and course as last year?  I agree with what everyone else has said before about not making a quick decision on running fulls.

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              I'm sorry it didn't go like you wanted. I had a very disappointing marathon last year, and it is very tough, especially after all the hard training. Like the other said, take a break, recover, and then see how you feel.

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                I am sorry, Rachel.  Take a few days before you make any decisions.  I know what it's like to work hard and not get what your worked so hard for.  Hugs.

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                  Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear that.  It is so tough to set all of your expectations on one day, to work so hard for so long, and then to have one bad day ruin your chances.  I've been there, as I expect we all have, and it is the absolute worst part of running.  Do you have any ideas as to why the race didn't come together?


                  Remember, the work you did for this race is still in you.  Marathons are tricky and maybe you couldn't access the fitness you've built today, but you will still benefit from all the miles you've put in if you choose to give it another shot, whether now or in the fall.


                  Have a beer or 10 and I hope you start feeling better.


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                    Like everyone else said, I feel really disappointed for you too.  You've been through a lot in the last month or so - maybe it took more out of you than you thought?  I know it's a hard perspective to take after a result you didn't want, but there's a lot more to the marathon than just the race itself.  In other words, I hope you can take some positives from the journey that led you up to the race.  And, like Jack said, that fitness and training is still in you and you can use it going forward.  Hopefully you'll feel better in a few days.  If not, maybe you can focus on a different distance until you feel the desire again.

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                      How are you today , CC?  I am sure the sting is still fresh but hopefully the wound isn't as wide open and bleeding.  Have you spoken to your coach about it?  She have any insight for you?


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