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Bad Ass

    Hey everyone.  6.53 miles done for me today, including 6x8sec hill sprints.  Saw the first snow flurries of the year while running, but they only lasted for a few minutes.  Now it's bright and sunny and headed back to the 40s for a week.  So much for winter.


    Julia...I finished the race last night.  Shocker!  I learned my lesson pretty early to check whether there is a 4pm football game or not.  If there is, I just DVR the two programs that are on following Amazing Race so that I'm covered.  Good luck with the muscle soreness.  Like you mentioned yesterday, sitting in a chair all day immediately after a run has to contribute.  Have fun with the holiday prep.  I'm sure you'll look smashing in the new outfit.


    Docket...That was great news you shared on the BF about your breathing.  Is it something that could potentially clear up completely, without leaving Miami?


    NotSwift...Hope your rest leaves you feeling refreshed.


    Scott...Not worse is good.  I'd avoid anything but easy miles at this point too.  That must have been one heck of a conference call.


    Marco....Good luck with the Christmas shopping.  I need to do all my in-store shopping still, but I've done lots of internet purchasing already.  Are you still thinking your mileage goal is reachable, or does it just depend on the weather?


    CC...I hope your daughter is able to make the progress she needs to get in.  Although, I'm sure it's been nice for you to spend some more time with her too.  There's nothing that beats the post-marathon waddle for a good laugh Smile  I'd imagine that roller feels a little painful, but I guess that's kinda the point.


    Pressing...I did wonder last night when you mentioned that swimming was your favorite.  I can't see myself ever like the other two better than running.  I'm like you though, swimming trumps riding.  Oh, to answer your question from yesterday, I probably won't get back in the pool until maybe January or even February.  It's hard to justify spending the money for just two days a week of swimming.  You being up to 850m is fantastic...that's a whole sprint distance swim.  Enjoy the run with your coach and the hard workout.  It sounds like your son might be able to try a kids' tri if he's a swimmer and already a good little runner?


    Hill...Nightmares from a tv show huh?  Good to know we're running with a real tough guy ha.  Actually, I've been watching American Horror Story and I have to say that it creeps me just as badly.  I don't really know why I watch it.  I guess it's a good show, but creepy.  Losing that weight over the holidays should be easy, right? lol.  I try not to look at the scale too much this time of year.


    Beth...I'm really surprised your area isn't more biker friendly.  I just tend to assume all Canadians are into sporting lifestyle.


    Probably not.  Asthma is never gone for anybody that has it (the symptoms can minimize, though).  I might be able to feel better because the allergy shots and medication are helping me breathe better.  But it will always be there in some way.


    Back from court.  I'm tired and I still have to run.  Wanted to do weights but with the amount of mileage I am planning this week and the next, it's just not worth it.  I'll restart after the 2012 in 2012 finals are over.

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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      Scott - Bummer the foot pain is back. You have two days until your doc appt, right? Thanks for the 10 houe points. Lol!


      Hill - Good plan on the post marathon buildup of miles. I'm still low on miles but have done some speedwork. Perhaps the 9lbs is all water weight and muscle. That's what I always tell myself.


      SIAR - Snow flurries while running are fun! I'm envious. Yeah, I find the fact that I'm shelling out cash for two days of swimming keeps me super committed to those two days. I guess that is the upside.


      Jodi - Great job on the weight loss. I was down to that weight last June but gained 8lbs back over the last year. Now it's being very, very stubborn about coming back off. I know some gain is muscle but not enough of it! Guess what my New Years Resolution is? Your increased speed since losing is motivation so thanks for that!


      Damaris - Well, hopefully the meds keep that asthma at bay so it feels like it's gone, even if it isn't.  


      I got my run in today.  I'm not sure how far I went because I forgot my Garmin but I'm estimating around 4.5 miles.  My coach had me up to a 7mm pace (which is flying for me) by the end and pushed me a little beyond my comfort zone for how long I could hold that pace.  I guess that's why I pay her.  Smile  Anyway, she said we know I can run that fast so now we will take it 1/4 of a mile at a time and see if we can get me up to that pace for a 5K.  That would be a huge PR and mighty fun to achieve but I see a lot of work headed my way to do it.  Maybe that's my motivation to drop a few pounds.   Gain some speed Jodi style.  


        Oh, I forgot to mention I embarrassed my son today.  I was supposed to bring a decorated straw hat to his classroom when I volunteered this morning.  They are wearing them for one of their songs.  I forgot it.  Of course, I hear him whisper to a friend, "My mom forgets everything."  LOL.  Anyway, I brought him the hat after my run today.  He takes it from me and whispers, "Running clothes, mom?  Really?"  He said it like it was akin to me showing up in my pajamas.  Made me laugh.  You'd think he'd be used to it by now.  

          DW was at the dentist, so I rushed around trying to buy gifts.  I had already scoped out the stores, so I had a plan.  I was back to the dentist after a little more than an hour.  I should've taken my time because she was there ANOTHER two hours.  It was reasonably successful, but her main gift it looks like it will have to be purchased online.


          We didn't get back until 8PM.  I noticed my back is a little stiff.  Probably occurred when I slipped a little on the ice.  Hopefully a muscle relaxer will take care of it.


          I need 230 plus miles for December so about 7 something a day...but every day.  A 10-miler will bring me back on pace, but I need some 10-milers so I could take a day off.


            No running. I'm just too tired. I wanted to crawl up into a ball and go to work. I even tried hinting that I wanted to go home early, since we were dead, and they said nothing.Undecided


            Came home, ordered a pizza and now I'm waiting for it to be delivered. I'm so ready for bed.

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              PressingOn, "Running clothes, mom?  Really?"  - LOL!  Seems like you had a challenging workout but it left you feeling energized and motivated.  That does seem like a good coach.


              Docket_Rocket, It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. 


              Hilltopper91, Too funny.  I think "Don't look over your shoulder for zombies" is in the instructio manual for treadmills.  People just don't read the owner's manual...  I haven't seen that episode of The Office but I probably should.  I've been on the committee in past years but this group was my favorite.  None of us were particularly invested or passionate about anything and were open to new ideas.  I think we did a great job decorating.  The party is tomorrow and it's going to be awesome! 


              Marco, I'm a little worried about attendance, too.  Morale is a bit low, so people may decide to skip but I'm hoping word of mouth will spread about how fantastic the decorations and food are and people will show.  


              SIAR, it was shocking!  I've been a TAR viewer for years now and was pretty happy with this season.  I was disappointed that there wasn't a bickering couple.  Unless you count the twinees.  And, thanks for the recording tip.


              Scott, Interesting. The top of the foot and not a stress fracture.  Can't wait to see what the podiatrist (sp. - foot doctor) says on Thursday.


              CC, I'm a new convert to the foam roller so hopefully the stick will help you.


              The GA run went well.  I averaged 8:44 over the 10 miles, which isn't bad but is slower than I ran the same course last week.  I have a 6 mile recovery run scheduled for tomorrow.

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