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Daily Runner 1/21/2013 (Read 12 times)

Just B.S.


    Not too Swift - 1/21 - MLK Day 5K

    Patti678 - 1/26 - PolarBear 5K

    Docket_Rocket - 01/27 ING Miami Marathon



    PressingOn - 02/16 - Woolley Trail Run Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 02/17 - A1A Marathon

    CompetitiveChik - 2/17 - Austin Half Marathon

    Runnrchic - 02/24 - New Orleans Marathon - Goal: break 4:34

    GregTR - 2/24 - Cowtown Marathon - Official 3:10 pacer



    Patti678 - 3/2- Albany Marathon, Albany GA

    CompetitiveChik - 3/2 - Woodlands Marathon

    JodisRunningForAutism - 3/3 - Seaside Half Marathon Destin, FL

    not too swift - 3/3 - Intown Ten (10K) Road Race

    PressingOn - 3/3 - Redmond Watershed Trail Run

    Docket_Rocket - 03/09 - 13.1 Miami Beach

    Julia1971 - 3/16 - Rock n Roll USA

    jojo61397 - 3/17 - Publix Atlanta Marathon - Goal: Sub-4:00 hour

    Patti678 - 3/17 Publix Half Marathon, Atlanta GA

    Not too Swift - 3/17- Georgia Marathon

    athensguy - 3/17- Georgia Marathon

    RVDowning - 3/17 - Shamrock Marathon

    ImNotScott - 3/17 - Shamrock Marathon

    Joe1775 - 3/23 - Haulin' in the Holler 50K

    Docket_Rocket - 3/23 - Palm 100 50K

    JenRosie - 3/24 Irish Run 8K

    onemile - 3/30 - Egg Shell Shuffle Half Marathon

    PressingOn - 3/30 - Cupcake Run Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 04/07 - Marathon Paris

    runnrchic- 04/07- Gulf Coast HM, Pensacola

    joe1775 - 4/13  - Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra 50

    Docket_Rocket - 04/14 - Key Biscayne Half Marathon

    marco59 - 4/15 - Boston - goal: 3:05

    markrice - 4/15 Boston - goal sub 3:15

    GregTR - 4/15 - Boston

    JenRosie - 4/15 - Boston

    onemile - 04/20 - Carmel Marathon

    Xrayman: 4/21: Lansing Marathon

    GregTR - 4/21 - London Marathon

    SIAR - 4/28 - Glass City Marathon

    GoneFishing - 04/28 - Big Sur, CA



    hilltopper91 - 05/05 - Broad Street Run

    jackdyl11 - 5/5 - New Jersey Marathon

    Joe1775 - 5/5 - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH

    Docket_Rocket - 05/07 - Puerto Rico Marathon

    Patti678 - 5/11 - Gulf Coast Half Ironman, Panama City Beach, FL

    RVDowning - 5/11Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

    SprinklesRunner - 5/19-Run for the Red Marathon

    runmomto3boys - 05/20 - Green Bay Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 06/13/2012 - San Francisco Marathon



    Patti678- 7/4- Peachtree Road Race 10K: goal: PR



    Patti678- 8/23 & 24- Hood to Coast- 199 mile relay with 10 person team



    SprinklesRunner - Date TBD - Wineglass Marathon

    GregTR - 9/29 - Berlin Marathon



    runmomto3boys - 10/6 Lakefront Marathon

    GregTR - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon



    SprinklesRunner - 11/3 - NYC Marathon

    GregTR - 11/3 - NYC Marathon

    runmomto3boys - 11/24 - Route 66 Marathon

    Just B.S.

      I'm first again? is the sky falling?LOL


      You must know by now I'm up and out so early to head to the pool!!


      Have a good one folks!!

      fake it till you make it

        Have a good swim JustBS!


        NTS looks like you have a 5K today? Good luck!


        Counting the hours (2!) until I'm done with this night shift, then out for an 8 mile easy run before going to bed.  Ridiculously cold here so a great day for sleeping.


        Modified to add- making it my goal for the week to actually do the 3 core workouts on my schedule. Wouldn't put my money on actually getting it done and sticking wtih it, but gonna give it a try.

        Finally PRed!!!



          Beth: Hope your swimming is good.


          JenRosie: Thanks!  Hope  you have a nice 8 and some good sleep.


          Right now my plan is to go out around 7:45 pace and see how that feels. It seems from my recent training that I'm somewhere around a VDOT of 40 right now. In my last 5K in late September (when I'd been doing a lot less training than now),  I underestimated my fitness and went out too slow.


          This race today has an unusual start, with the start line about 100 m wide, then it narrows onto a path after we run across a grass section.  Gun times only because of that (though race is chip timed). I'm going to run to the race start, since it's just over 2 miles from me. 


          Have a great day everyone! I'll report back later!

          PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09


            Good morning!


            Swift, Good luck today!


            Just B.S., I immediately thought, "pool".  Hope you have a great workout.


            JenRosie, Hope those minutes tick by quickly.


            I have a general aerobic run on tap for the day.  I'm a little afraid I might still have side stitches...  I'm also going to work on some logistical things for the marathon.  For example, Scott's post yesterday reminded me that I discussed getting a hotel with my friend for the race.  (The friend is coming in town from Boston for the race and bet me a bottle of post-marathon champagne on last night's game).  And, I was also planning on hosting a party that day.  But, I'm realizing it's St. Patrick's Day and if I want to book a restaurant, I probably need to act now...  But first, coffee.

            “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the fight in the dog. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


            My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

            mostly harmless

              Good Morning. :-)


              Beth - Enjoy the swim!


              Jen - Trying to look on the bright side, at least the thought of a warm bed waiting for you is good motivation to get you through the cold 8.


              NTS - Good luck today!  I'm looking forward to reading your report later.


              Julia - Enjoy your run today and congrats on the free bottle of champagne coming your way.


              I have an easy 7 on tap this morning.  Since I don't have to work I'm going to wait until it warms up a bit before heading out.  I think I'll run my usual 7 mile loop backwards just for variety.


              Hello to all that follow and have a good one!

               "Address the process rather than the outcome.
              Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp

                8.7 done earlier.  It was 10F or -11C and the wind made it worse.  Still, this may be the warmest morning of the week.  I made it until Jan 31 before giving up and going to the TM.  We'll see how it goes.  I would like to do at least the minimum 5 daily miles the rest of the week.


                Beth--enjoy the swim


                nts--except for Boston, I have never done a race on a weekday  Good luck!


                Jen--I don't miss the graveyard shift.  I have only done a handful in the last four years.  If I am working midnights, it means something really good has happened or something really bad.


                Julia--I liked the result of last night, also.  All we have here is Pats fans.  DW and I are trying to work out plans for Boston.  We booked the B & B in the fall, but trying to combine a trip to see my folks in Illinois either before or after the race.


                Scott--have a good 7

                  Hello all.  Haven't been on since Friday.  I got a shiny new car and have spent the weekend reading manuals trying to figure out how to operate it.  The steering column has more buttons on it than my entire last car had.


                  Did 10 on Saturday, 16 long run on Sunday, and a cold 8 on the local HS track with strides this morning.  (I forgot that today was a school holiday so that I could have started later instead of being out there at 0415.  Sigh.....)  Tomorrow is supposed to be colder.


                  Have a 5k this coming Saturday.  Tomorrow is short intervals, and Thursday is long intervals at HMP pace.  Not sure how best to adjust this week's runs so that I can post a good time in the 5k.  Guess I'll just do fewer miles on Friday.

                  Finally PRed!!!

                    Well, my time was terrible! Really the worst 5K time I've run in a long time! Started too fast because of the weird start, and didn't realize how much the many turns would slow me down, I guess.  Really died in the 3rd mile, and was able to recover a bit in the 2nd half of that mile. Just was not very happy about the time, though I think it was definitely influenced by the LR on Sat.  But then I got home and had an email telling me I was 1/86 in my AG (preliminary results)... Shocked.


                    Unfortunately I noticed right after the race that I was limping, it's that pesky left knee again! RICE is on the menu today...


                    More later...

                    PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09


                      Well, my time was terrible! Really the worst 5K time I've run in a long time! Started too fast because of the weird start, and didn't realize how much the many turns would slow me down, I guess.  Really died in the 3rd mile, and was able to recover a bit in the 2nd half of that mile. Just was not very happy about the time, though I think it was definitely influenced by the LR on Sat.  But then I got home and had an email telling me I was 1/86 in my AG (preliminary results)... Shocked.


                      Unfortunately I noticed right after the race that I was limping, it's that pesky left knee again! RICE is on the menu today...


                      More later...


                      Whoo hoo!  Congratulations on the AG win!  Your race sounds a lot like most 5Ks.  That last mile is a doozy.  Hope you get some rest and your knee feels better.

                      “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the fight in the dog. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


                      My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.


                      Go figure

                        Good afternoon all!  I did 10.25 recovery miles today, at one point in a white out, at other points in bright sunshine.  Go figure.


                        Question:  Do you all think that the point of a recovery run is negated once it gets to a certain length?  Also, does a hilly route defeat the purpose of a recovery run?


                        Beth...thanks for getting that "Skyfall" song stuck in my head.  Boo.


                        Jen...Hope you're getting some good rest and that the run went well.  Good luck with the core stuff.  I've given up putting it on my schedule...that way I don't feel badly about it.  Frankly, I've kinda given it up all together at present.


                        NotSwift...Umm, bad race then an email with an AG win?  Obviously it was a really tough course that impacted everyone.  Did you start out with that 7:45 pace like you were planning, or did you go out harder?  I hope the knee heals up quickly.  I always have injury fears about 5ks.


                        Julia...Baltimore definitely has more redeeming qualities than Detroit by the simple fact that it has such a nice harbor area, and pretty charming row houses.  I do like that you reserve the right to make fun of them though haha.  Were you impacted at all by the inauguration festivities?  I'm not sure I follow what you meant why you said you may have side stitches.  I always thought that was something that just cropped up on individual runs, but wasn't necessarily a chronic thing...even though it could happen chronically.  Does that make any sense?  Have fun with all the planning.


                        Scott...Hope the 7 went well.  It's fun to reverse courses every once in a while.  We do that with our group runs all the time.  Enjoy your day off.


                        Marco...Nice job on the 8.7.  You almost got into the more miles than degrees club.  I was hoping to do that tomorrow, but the forecast is looking warmer.  Trying to make a Boston and Illinois trip work sounds tricky to me!


                        RVd...New car?!?!  Awesome.  I've never been good about reading manuals.  As for the 5k, I think you'll be in pretty good shape training through it as long as you throw some short, easy runs in along side your intervals.

                        PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:24:13; '15) 10k (37:25; '14) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:27; '14)


                          SIAR, I don't know how to describe it other than side stitches.  It doesn't hurt when I'm not running.  But during my run, it felt like I'd been stabbed in the left side of my abdomen.  I've had this before - side stitches that linger for days.  Maybe I need to work some sit ups into my workouts.  LOL!  The inauguration hasn't effected me.  I thought about going downtown for the parade but I'm not good with crowds.  I am looking forward to watching it on television, though.


                          QOTD: I definitely don't think hills negate recovery.  You can run a hilly course without undue strain.  But, I'm waffling on the 10 mile part.  And, I'm trying not to "cheat" by looking to see what Daniels or Pftiz would say.  I think as long as you're not over-exerting yourself and the pace is very easy, the distance shouldn't matter.


                          Edited to add...  RVD, Congrats on the new ride!  Hope you're enjoying it!

                          “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the fight in the dog. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


                          My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

                          Bad Ass

                            Hi, guys.  Busy day for me as I went to the doctor and then drove to Jupiter to meet a fellow forumite.  That's as far as I can make it to FE before it turns into a day extravaganza.  It was very nice seeing this forumite for lunch and hang out a bit.


                            SRD for me.

                            Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner, INKnBURN Ambassador


                            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                            It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                            Finally PRed!!!

                              Thanks everyone for the encouragement!


                              OK, here's my RR:


                              This was way off the kind of time I'd been hoping for. I think my legs were still a little tired from the longer run on Sat. Also, I obviously ran a little longer than 5K since it was a certified course, but had a very wide starting line so that anyone not in the center ran a bit longer (gun time only due to the wide start line). The hills were not too bad, but the course had a lot of turns. Weather was nice, probably high 30s by start time.


                              The start was on grass, and instead of a gun, the signal was a bell, and not a very loud one, so that many people, including myself, did not realize that had been the start signal until we saw that people were running.  I charged across the grass field (a bit muddy in spots due to all the rain we've had lately) a little faster than planned in the first 30 sec, trying to get in a decent position before the course narrowed onto the asphalt path. According to my Garmin at the time (average pace, not instantaneous) I was running well under 7 mm during this time (actually closer to 6), though not sure how accurate that is with the number of points and the fact my pace was not constant. So I began forcing myself to slow down, just as we hit a short but fairly steep uphill, still on the grass. I slowed way down and suddenly my avg. pace was over 8. At 0.2 mi in, I  saw some people around me starting to walk.


                              Mile 1 came in a little slow, but it had the most uphill. Mile 2 had a lot of downhill and I got closer to my planned pace, but still felt a bit sluggish and breathing felt hard (it's a 5K, duh!). Mile 3 (first half of this was a little uphill again) started to drop way off the pace. I knew the rest of the course was not too tough, but just could not find the extra oomph to get back close to pace. Legs were not happy. Second half of mile 3 (downhill now) was better, since I knew the finish was close, but 3rd mile overall was still much slower than 1 and 2. Managed a bit of a kick toward the finish (last part was on grass again), back to under 7mm again.  Right after the finish, realized I was walking with a limp. The troublesome left knee felt fine during the race, but dull pain kicked in just after.


                              The knee made the cooldown jog pretty tough, gave up and started walking after a little over a mile, but it almost hurt worse walking than running. Icing it now, and I scrapped the short recovery run I had planned for tomorrow.


                              The course map is public in my log, in case anyone would like to view it. Gun time was 25:27 (30 sec slower than in September when I was just starting to really train again!), AG 1/103.


                              During the pre-race warmup jog, my HR was a bit high for the pace (might have been the race day excitement), but when I looked at my racing HR after the race (did not have it on screen during race), it was really low for a 5K. I wonder if my legs being just a bit tired from Saturday kept me from going as fast as I otherwise could have (even though, from the point of view of breathing/perceived exertion. I did feel like I  was really pushing it).

                              PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09

                              Finally PRed!!!

                                QOTD: For me, a certain distance does negate the purpose of a recovery run, in my own training. I would not apply this universally to other runners, because I've heard from some experienced, high-mileage runners who feel they can run long recovery runs and feel it works for them. Example: I ran a 14 mile run at what would be a recovery pace and effort a couple weeks ago (the day after a harder Saturday run of similar distance). It was a good run, but  I could not call it a recovery run, because of how I felt after it. I like to keep most of my recovery runs at under an hour. Not because of any rule, but just because longer than this doesn't seem to lead to me feeling more recovered.


                                Hills on recovery runs? I don't think hills negate them (which is good for me, because hills around here are not optional, they are standard on all my routes, and I don't have a TM or gym membership). But I usually try to choose somewhat less hilly routes if possible, and I slow way down on the hills, to try to keep the HR from going much over recovery HR (it usually does go a few beats over near the crest, but comes right back down). I don't run most runs by HR, but in recovery runs I do keep an eye on it.

                                PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09