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Daily Runner 1/7/13 (Read 153 times)

Bad Ass

    Sheesh, just got home.  Just read the thread but I'm too exhausted to even answer.  Have a nice night!

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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      I got my 6 miles in.  It was nice out - in the low 40s...  I got to the bus stop and saw texts from my brother - today was the day they rescheduled my niece's heart surgery.  I felt bad that I hadn't called him first.  He sent me pre-op pictures of her smiling face and texts throughout the day on how things were going.  There were some complications so they're continuing the surgery tomorrow...  The running jacket I ordered from Saucony came in.  It's a little big but not so big that I'm going to return it.  So, I think I'm finished with my jacket quest.


      And because I never learn my lesson when it comes to not getting enough sleep, I'm settling in to watch Biggest Loser.  Smile


      D_R, hope you enjoyed the rest today.  Are you still doing the Goofy Challenge this weekend?


      Swift, hope you enjoyed the recovery.


      RVD, I'm going to explore making my log public again.  There were two privacy settings I asked Eric about.  I'm not sure if they are things he can do but I might be able to come up with a work around.  Good luck getting up early tomorrow.


      Marco, welcome to management!  Hope it doesn't mess with your running schedule too bad.


      CC, I'll send thoughts of cooler temps your way but unfortunately, my track record with willing good weather is not good.  (Exhibit A=Boston, Exhibit B=NYCM).


      Hilltopper, I've been trying to save my treadmill workouts until it's really bad out.  Hope you enjoyed the great outdoors.


      Pressing, glad DD feels better.  Migraines, huh.  Poor thing...  Sorry about the PayPal account fraud.  Such a hassle.


      SIAR, glad you're feeling better...  Don't doubt my girl, Jillian!  She'll get through to them.  White team for the win!


      Jack, Hope you get your run in.  I saw your post from yesterday but given your times, I'm a little afraid to critique you're training schedule.  I say, keep doing what you're doing.  Smile

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      My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

        Last winter's temperature running record was -2.  That's what it is RIGHT NOW!.  However, it is supposed to be near 20 at 5 AM.  Can't say that I am disappointed.


        Julia--I have been management for about 9 years....this is just higher up on the food chain.  Hope everything goes great for your niece tomorrow.