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Daily Runner - 12/27/12 (Read 142 times)

mostly harmless

    Hey friends.  Checking in from the stands at my dd's basketball game.

    I used my RD to make up the 4 I missed on Christmas Day. Have a good one all!


    Go figure

      9 miles done on the TM this morning - 4 easy, 4 moderate, 1 MP. This morning was a disaster though. I used the new snow blower, which was great....until I plowed over the electric wire for the Christmas lights. Ughh! I also did my third day of Christmas, this time with my dad. I'm spent! Hopefully I can catch up with everyone tomorrow.

      Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

      Just B.S.

        Good night dailies.........sons flight is at 6am which means a 4am wake up's snowing

        like a bugger with ice pellets right I will not be happy if we get up at 4am and drive to the

        airport for a delayed flight!LOL


        Delay means bringing him back home or sitting at the airport waiting with way I'm leaving

        my kid in the airport to wait by himself........ I have to see the plane take off before I leave the airport....

        ......must be a Mom thing......

        Bad Ass

          Ugh, Beth.  Hope everything works out.

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          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


            Just B.S., Ugh!  5-6 months.  I'm so sorry it's going to be that long.  I can see why you're cherishing every moment.

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            My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

            Just B.S.

              Just B.S., Ugh!  5-6 months.  I'm so sorry it's going to be that long.  I can see why you're cherishing every moment.

              Yeah, it sucks. Especially since he moved away for school at age 18 and I was far from ready to let him go.

              He was ready, I wasn't!LOL


              Good news is flight delayed until 10am! Don't have to get up until 8 now and can have hubby drop me off to

              run home afterward.


                Hey all!  Long time no post.  We've been travelling a lot.  The 23rd, 24th and 26th all included lots of time spent on the road and the 25th I was hosting so ... no computer time or exercise.  Yeesh.  I miss both.  Anyway, I went out for an 18 miler today but only made it 17 before calling it quits and walking a half mile to my car.  ITB started getting tight at mile 14.  I stretched it and continued on feeling great.  Mile 16 it began protesting loudly.  I made it to 17 when I noticed I was no longer running with my normal gait and figured enough.  My main goal is not 18 miles today but a marathon in February.  It's annoying because up until mile 14 I felt awesome and I felt fine a few minutes after I finished.  Oh well.  I have a date with my foam roller tonight.  Smile


                Hope you all are having a great time over the holiday's.  I'm still hosting so not going to have time to catch up ... yet.  Maybe tomorrow.


                I did catch Beth had a birthday.  Happy Birthday!!!