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Daily Runner 1/22/13 (Read 12 times)

Bad Ass

    LOL.  I guess it's not coming through, especially since you're such a nice guy.



    In hindsight, my sarcasm was perhaps a little hidden.  Note to self:  work on internet sarcasm.

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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

    mostly harmless

      11 frigid miles done.


      Actually the cold wouldn't have been that bad except for the fact that my NSDS* loaned my balaclava to a buddy to use while snowboarding last weekend and said buddy has not returned it.  Not to mention, ew, do you really want to borrow something like that?


      I managed fine in the cold except for when I had to run into the wind.  I tried pulling my hood up tight and that helped a little.  I imagine that I looked a bit like Kenny from South Park though.



      Damaris - Enjoy the 13 tonight. :-)


      Beth - I tried to think of you and Marco on my run to make me feel better.  It didn't work.


      Marco - I hope the job lets up soon. Looks like you are in the more miles than degrees club again today.


      RVD - Good job on the TM. I may be joining the TM folks on Thursday if the cold doesn't let up.


      SIAR - I was joking about the 10 pounds or at least I thought I was. Your reply got me thinking so I weighed myself before and after I put all my stuff on.  6 lbs including shoes.


      Jen - Good tips about running gear in cold weather.  Thanks for sharing those.  Good work on the TM.


      I'm off to get a nice hot shower and then to DD's basketball game.


      *Not So Darling Son.  I mean really, would you loan out your Dad's stuff without asking?


      Go figure

        Scott...sharing balaclavas? I have some great windproof underwear if you'd like to borrow those lol. I bet my winter gear is in the 6-8pm range too. Nice job getting it done! Hope little Mutombo gets a handful of blocks again.



        Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

          Late getting home from work...again, but not too bad.  Tomorrow it will probably be below zero and I want to do the minimum 5.  I have a few miles extra for the month so I can slack off a little and still hopefully meet the mileage goal.


          Julia--I grew up in Illinois, so I have seen -20F and waist deep snow.  The last time I saw temps this cold was 1986 when we lived in Missouri.  In this cold, everything is long run pace which for me is about 8:30.  I guess my lungs have gotten used to it these past few years. Before we moved up here if I ran in anything less than 40 degrees I would get a tickling cough for a few hours afterwards.  Every piece of Under Armour clothing I have is great!


            JenRosie, Thanks for the tips.  Duct tape can be used for everything, huh?


            SIAR, I'm a complete gear head.  If my local running store sold VDOT Max machines, I'd probably buy one...  Yes, that's me in the picture.  It's from a 10K I ran last fall.  A local photography company partnered with the race and allowed us to download pictures for free.  I think it's better than the ones I usually pay for.


            Marco, I'm happy to hear these temps are unusual but that you're used to the cold...  And, +1 to Scott's comment about thinking about you and Just B.S. and getting inspiration.  I thought and then headed to the treadmill, though.  Smile

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            Bad Ass

              I only had time for 10.  Bah.  But they were my fastest 10!

              Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner, INKnBURN Ambassador


              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami!