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    So after Dallas FM I decided to do some experimenting with my nutrition, shoes and compression sleeves. On these experiments I left the course the same and ran mid morning so the conditions would be somewhat the same.

    1st experiment was to run in different shoes with an electrolyte drink that I would drink every 8 miles, salt tabs to take every 10 miles and run in my pure connects. Everything felt fine till mile 10. Cramps started settin in. So I paid special attention to how my feet were fallin. I noticed that when I landed on my heels (I'm a heel striker) that my cramps would get worse, so I changed my landing and started to land mid foot. Immediately I felt an improvement. By the end of my run, 14.5 miles, the cramps were almost non existant. (sp?)

    Experiment #2 was to run with the same nutrition but different shoes (brooks ghost 4) and run with my compression calf sleeves (which I forgot to wear on experiment #1). I made sure to pay attention to how I was landing and to land mid foot. I felt really good, even at mile 10 which is where my cramps usually set in. I was really rockin and was even able to get in some 8 min miles with no problems. No cramps! It was startin to get pretty warm and the breeze was startin to let up so the sun was startin to get to me and i was gettin tired. so at mile 16 I decided to go ahead and cut it short. The last 2 miles is when the cramps were comin on. I noticed that my form changed and I was beginning to land on my heals again. I made every effort to land midfoot and as long as I did that my cramps stayed at bay.

    so at least I, now, know the cause of my cramps. I'm excited. I'm hoping this will help with Houston next month and possibly lead me to an almost BQ in march at the Woodlands Full

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      CC...that's interesting stuff. I'd almost think a sudden change in form would lead to more cramping because you would be fatiguing muscles that haven't typically worked as hard or strengthened from your training. In experiment one, my thought was actually that the cramps went away because you changed your strike. In other words, you recruited new muscles and gave the others a break. Experiment two would seem to disprove my theory though. I guess the why doesn't matter so long as you can run without cramping. My only piece of advice would be to be cautious running lots more miles with different landing points - maybe add that gradually.

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        Interesting.  Hope you find the perfect combination of shoes, stride, and nutrition for your next!

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