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Daily Runner - 4/20/13 (Read 17 times)


    Hello everybody! Just checking in quickly while I have a second. My in laws are in town and they took my son to the bouncy house that sprung up across the street and I have to go join them.  I just got done with my last long run! 16 miles at 6:52, feeling very easy.  I was scheduled to do some mp miles in there, but after last week's bust and since I'm kinda sick still I decided to take it easy.  15 more days to go! I'm just trying to keep it together right now - reminding myself of good workouts, that my race times point to my goal time, etc.  It isn't working too well! I've thought about dropping out a bunch of times already.  Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to try to double to get some last minute miles in and then it's just taking it easy until the race.

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      Hi, guys.  50K done.  Barely made the cutoff so I was out there for the full 8 hours.  Tough course.  But I loved it.


      I"m off to post the RR.

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