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Daily Runner 1/24/13 (Read 14 times)

Finally PRed!!!

    Hi everyone!


    B.S.: Whoa, that is cold! Have fun in the pool tonight.


    Docket: Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better.


    marco: Great job with the TM run, hope the weather gives you a break soon.


    SIAR: nice 8+ with the hill sprints.


    runmom: Hope you have a good recovery 8.


    CC: nice mountain bike ride.


    Scott: sorry the TM run made you grumpy.


    Julia: great tempo, enjoy the tapas and sangria.


    I ran 11 with 7@ MP, averaged 8:47 for the MP miles. Felt pretty decent, but of course 7 is not very long--my next MP run will be longer. Think I'll go to bed pretty early tonight--I'm pretty tired. I wish I didn't need so much sleep when I'm training hard, but I really do. 

    PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09

    mostly harmless

      Hey folks.  A couple of Sam Adams later and my mood has improved quite a bit!


      Julia - Good job on your tempo today.  Can you bottle up some of that speed and send it to me please?


      Beth - You are doing great with the swimming! I don't know anything about swimming but I think you are smart to ignore the watch and work on your form.


      Damaris - I hope you feel better! I think I read on FB that you got in a 10 miler and felt good.


      Marco - Sorry your streak of not running on the TM had to end. Those temps are pretty brutal though!


      RVD - Glad you got out before the weather hit.  Dropping 20 lbs has got to do great things for your 5K this weekend!


      SIAR - I'm happy your street was cleared.  I know how much you love your hill sprints. :-)


      RMT3B - Were you able to hold that pace back?


      CC - Good that you could check in.  The bike ride sounds like a blast!


      NTS - 7 MP miles is way cool.  I need you to bottle up a little of your speed and send it to me too.


        Hey all!  Sorry I've been MIA.  I had a great time at my scrapbooking weekend but came home carrying a little something extra besides my scrapbooks ... a cold.  Boo.  It was another mild one (I have a sore throat and no voice) so I've still been getting my runs in but I've been sleeping in later which has cut into my computer time.  Anyhow, I did 12 miles today mostly off road to get ready for my trail marathon in March.   I have another 12 miler tomorrow.  Rather than a big long run this week my coach is splitting the mileage into two 12 miler's.  Next week is my last lr, a 22 miler and then I enter taperland again for my Feb. marathon.


        Sorry I don't have time for personals.  I need to rush the kids off to swim lessons.  I did read though.  And okay, since I'm going to swim lessons with kids, I might as well tell Beth great job on her swimming!  SIAR's comment about not stopping and telling yourself you don't have to stop is good advice.  He told me the same thing and the first time I pushed through to swim 400 yards consecutively, I thought of what he said.  Good advice, SIAR!


        Okay, hello to everybody else!!!  I will hopefully be back tomorrow for more personals.


        Oh, one more I have to mention ... cripes, Beth and Marco ... that is some super duper cold weather!!!

        Bad Ass

          Hi, PO!


          I did my 10, like Scott said, and they were awesome and fast.  Go figure!

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