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Daily Runner 2/7/13 (Read 11 times)


    My medium run went.  I was a little fast in parts but I'm letting myself run a little since I'm feeling so good.  I may regret it on Saturday, though, since I have 14 miles at goal marathon pace on the schedule.


    SIAR, Sorry you had a disappointing run.  It's hard to know sometimes when speed endurance is going to fail you.


    Swift, Was it an icy rain?  I feel like I can tolerate a light rain but if it's pelting me, I'm miserable.


    D_R, Hope this has been a better week work-wise.


    Scott, Hope you had a good easy run.


    Pressing, That last long run of the taper is so sweet, isn't it?  Or, maybe bittersweet.  I just always feel good knowing the race is almost here!


    Marco, Nice job with the treadmill miles.


    Just B.S., I don't think it's age at all.  You are grinding out some tough workouts!  I'd be surprised if you weren't tired.  How's your sleep, though?  I remember you were having some insomnia.  Could you work some naps into your schedule?


    RVD, That is fantastic news!


    JenRosie, So, you're going with a group, then?  You're going to have a blast!

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      It will be TM again tomorrow.  I don't think it got much above 10 degrees today.  Starting tomorrow through Saturday we might get around a foot of snow.


      RVD--great news


      Going to work to meet with race officials and Canadian Customs to discuss a marathon that will cross into Canada and back.


        Well, that was a disheartening 8 mile run.  Never felt like I got in the groove but rather felt tired the entire time.  It was one of those runs where all I could think was, "If I feel like this on marathon day I'm in trouble."  I'm hoping it was taper madness playing mind games with me.  That said, I had a hard time slowing down to marathon pace which might be part of the problem.  But it's not like I ran it that fast.  It was 8 miles.  I should be able to run 8 miles even faster than I did and feel fine.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is swim and next week is very light running so hopefully I'll be nice and rested by marathon day.


        Damaris - Good luck on that run today. May the breathing not be an issue.


        Swift - I don't blame ya for not doing two rainy runs. There's something annoying about getting soaking wet, having a nice warm shower and then getting soaking wet again.


        SIAR - Sorry the run wasn't great. Let's not say they were junk miles, let's say they were great mental training to push through when you don't want to.


        Beth - Keep on swimming then!  lol.  I have to miss the next clinic because it's the night before my marathon.  Probably not a good idea to do it then.  We only have them every 2 weeks.  You seem to have clinics all the time!

        Just B.S.

          Julia, I think you are right. I just need a rest maybe. Clinic was great tonight, my best yet, and I had

          lots of energy but if I'm tired tomorrow I may skip the planned 10 miles.  I'm feeling run down. My

          week started with an night of  insomnia so that may be a cause as well. It's so random. I've slept

          great since then


          Pressing, I cannot even tell you how many "yucky" runs I've had in the 10 day prior to a full or half marathon

          and they certainly play on your mind. But race day has always been good.  I think it's just that your body is

          ready for a rest. I'm getting excited for you!!!


          We are really lucky at our aquatic center. They have the clinics 4xweek at no cost above your regular

          membership. So essentially it's like free coaching. We only go 2x because the other two are at lunch time.


          Tonight I felt amazing!!! I did 1,200. One of our drill groups after the warm-up was 150 X 4 with 15 seconds

          rest. I did it easily. Hard to believe 5 weeks ago 50 yard left me huffing and puffing!


          Nite all!!

            from yesterday...


            Beth--you are an hour ahead of us.  I like the fact that I run in two countries and two time zones everyday.  I think it's funny that no one says Eastern and Atlantic Time.....instead it's U.S. and Canadian time.

            Just B.S.

              from yesterday...


              Beth--you are an hour ahead of us.  I like the fact that I run in two countries and two time zones everyday.  I think it's funny that no one says Eastern and Atlantic Time.....instead it's U.S. and Canadian time.

              I know that silly!LOL it always screws me up when we go down there because I want to eat lunch

              and it's only 11am!!


              It always confused me when people talk Eastern, Atlantic are right, to us it's our time and

              your time!


              Hope work is calming down for you!

              Bad Ass

                Hi, guys.  11 miles done.  Not my best breathing day so I took it slowly and it paid off.  Except the last mile where I started wheezing, it was a pretty good run.

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