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Daily Runner - 12/30/12 (Read 153 times)

Just B.S.

    The work can be hired out, right? Big grin



    You must know by now that DH and I never hire out anything!LOL


    WE are the King and Queen of DIY.


    He had  a fit when we  reno'd our kitchen because he had to hire out the granite counter top installation.

    Actually talked crazy talk about buying a granite cutter so he could do it himself. Thank goodness I was

    able to make him see reason on that one because I'm not strong enough to help lift a 500 lb countertop

    into place!LOL


    . When they came to install he watched them like  hawk the entire time and made the guys totally nervous.

    It is the only thing in this entire house that he didn't do himself and he was not one bit happy about it.Smile


    Except with the shoveling the DIY is more him than me. I will go out and help but when I'm ready to be done

    I come in and let him finish.


    Geezer trying for speed

      Long time no post. It's amazing how long just a few missing days can feel. I've run every day (and logged them here) but just spent time with family/friends, maximizing my time here in Tennessee.


      USELESS OBSERVATION: I ran under a bridge with a train going overhead. It was in a curve that the engines had just passed several seconds ago, so they were pulling hard. The pulling of the engines seemed to be causing pressure against the inside of the tracks judging only by the sound. While I was under the bridge, it sounded like mixed up church chimes/bells... it was actually very beautiful... not like a song, but much like a huge version of the chimes one might hang on their porch.


      RUN DONE: 16 miles... very hilly and beautiful.


      Shouts will have to wait as I'm trying to see several people before leaving this area.


      Good running and great time to all.

      Anyone could see races, etc. on

      I believe in HR training:


        Hey all.  Still hit or miss on checking in.  My house guest left early this morning so hopefully I can have a more normal schedule to post.  SRD for me today.  Yesterday I managed a 1950 yard swim and a slow and easy 3 mile run.  I took the run super slow in hopes the ITB would be tempered and it didn't bother me so good.  This week is my 20 miler so I'll keep rolling and stretching and hoping for a smooth run.

        And shoot, my computer battery is about dead so I'm gonna cut this shy of personals.  I read everyone's posts, I just won't be replying.  Smile


        Have a good day all!

        Bad Ass

          LOL, Beth, but if you want me to do it, I hire out!


          I had 7 awesome miles with the last 2 progression from easy to MP.  And no albuterol and it felt easy. Very happy.  I also did weights.

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