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    Although you haven't seen them yet, we have a not-small group of very very very good runners here.  And a cat named Nobby who, well, I won't explain him right now except to say LISTEN TO NOBBY.  And most of them don't check user groups... and they ABSOLUTELY won't be bothered to check 3+ overlapping user groups that do similar things.


    My recommendation... dailies are fine out of the way in a party room.. although notice that the time-goal threads are popping up in the main boards (will they stay? I dunno).  But I highly highly highly times infinity recommend asking questions and having running discussions in the main boards.  You will get a lot more action there and you will cross pollinate better with RA peeps.


    And yes, it is appropriate to ask marathon-specific questions in the main boards.  Yup.


    I'm not saying that just so you will all sing kumbiya, I'm saying that because you will get some really valuable input.



      Ahhh, do you hear my sigh of relief?  That answers a lot of questions for me regarding navigating RA.  Thank you! I think it's safe to say I'll be content utilizing the main boards and my daily party room.  

      thinkin about glory days

        I updated the name and put a note in the description that those interested in discussing marathon race training should use the forums over in the Training Groups section.  I hope it helps.


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