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Daily Runner - 4/17/2013 (Read 17 times)

thinkin about glory days

    Hello again!  It's about time I give some shout-outs to the late morning/early afternoon posters (and over-sleepers Wink)....


    SIAR, are you hooked on early morning running yet?  I can honestly say that switching to mornings changed my life.  I hope you have a good run tonight with the group in memory of those in Boston.


    Marco, thanks for reminding me about that race (which is 10 miles, by the way).  I missed the registration deadline, so I won't be running it. Nice job getting back on the horse so quickly.  I'm sure that the fact that you feel so good right now proves that your time on Monday does not reflect what you were capable of running.  I've heard that all of the downhill in the beginning can really mess with the quads and throw off your whole race.


    Jodi, hang in there.  We'll all keep our fingers crossed for some good test results.  I'm a little rusty on my acronyms, but I assume the "IL" stands for in-law, so not a blood relative, right?  Try not to jump to conclusions...I know, easier said than done, right?


    Julia, great job getting your run in after oversleeping.  If you were going too fast, you would feel it, right?  Thanks for the compliment on the consistency.  I've been participating a lot more consistently in this forum too.  Coincidence?


    Swift,'re a celebrity!  It looks like you had a really nice turnout for the vigil - so nice to see.


    Scott, still no ill-effects from the fall, I hope.  Would you take my race on May 5th off the schedule and add "Media 5 Mile Race" on 6/21?


    I want to add a race in May and I'm debating between (1) a hilly 10 mile race and (2) a flat 5K with a team of law students (if I can round them up after their final exams).  Thoughts?


    5k:  21:36

    HM: 1:39:59

    FM: 3:38:29



      I want to add a race in May and I'm debating between (1) a hilly 10 mile race and (2) a flat 5K with a team of law students (if I can round them up after their final exams).  Thoughts?


      10miler. I hate 5k's. Nuff Said!

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      thinkin about glory days


        10miler. I hate 5k's. Nuff Said!


        Thanks, CC. I agree, but the team aspect of the 5k has piqued my interest.  Sorry I missed you on my personals earlier.  I really like that interval workout with the lunges.


        5k:  21:36

        HM: 1:39:59

        FM: 3:38:29

        Bad Ass

          I hate 5ks as well.

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            5K's hurt and are evil.  Evil  Unless I run them with my kids or friends for pure fun and enjoyment.  Then they are fun.


            Finished an almost 14 mile recovery bike ride today.  I finished just in time as the clouds are rolling in but I had lots of blue sky and sun for my ride.  Tomorrow is my 22 miler.  Ugh, my legs are tired thinking about it.  Actually, my legs are just tired.  This is the last lr of this cycle and  then I taper again.  When did this race sneak up on me?


            Jodi - What SIAR said, one day or moment at a time.  It can't be easy and hope you know you can vent here anytime you like.


            Scott - As one who recently took her own fall on a trail run, I'm glad you're okay.


            Swift - Famous!  Awesome!


            SIAR, Hill, Damaris, Julia, Rachel, Marco (did I miss anyone?) ... Hello!  I'm outta time except for a quick shout out.  I really need to get on this computer sooner in my day.  I wasn't sleeping though!  Ha!


              D_R, Sorry to hear you were evacuated today.  Very stressful times right now.


              HillTopper, I'll go against the grain and vote for the 5K only because I hate hills.  Smile  I'd probably run a flat 10K over a hilly 5K that's how much I hate hills.

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                thanks for the support.  It's been heinous the last few weeks.


                I did 2.62 miles in 24:00 minutes.


                At cross fit we did 4X200 sprints, plus a mile warmup and cool down.  Fridays workout sounds AWESOME.  The WOD is called the Lumberjack 20. There's a whole history behind it.




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