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Daily Runner - 1/3/13 (Read 178 times)

Mostly Harmless

    Pressing - I hope the 20 goes well and you enjoy the family time later!

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    Finally PRed!!!

      Julia: great job with your MLR.


      Docket: hope your arm is better.


      RV: great job with your MP, maybe the difference is related to training load at the time or something? I know all my paces have felt very hard the last week or so, but it is because of the workouts I already have in my legs.


      Scott: hope you had a nice 10.


      jack: great job with the 1200s.


      Pressing: great job with your 20.


      I ran 9 with 3x1 mile today, was planned to be 10K-5KP, but had a little trouble hitting the pace, and it was definitely related to leg fatigue. I may look at whether I need to adjust the training plan. Will see if things get better in next few days. I know last couple weeks I ran a bunch of group runs at some of the running stores, and in these I ran a little faster than my usual easy pace on days that were supposed to be easy, so I'm backing off a bit from some of those...though I will still be doing the Saturday runs with the marathon group, but that group has lots of runners of different paces. Anyway, I have a RD tomorrow for a bit of recovery.

      PRs: 5K: 22:31, 10K:46:43, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:38:20

      Bad Ass

        Thanks for the well wishes.  I was so exhausted all day long I was surprised that I ran faster than normal and that my breathing was fine.


        PO, hope your 20 went great.

        swift, great interval session.

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