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Daily Runner 02/23/13 (Read 13 times)

mostly harmless

    Pressing - Cross posted.  Glad you got to ease back into it today.  I can't believe you are running another one so soon!  I'm glad you got the hang of that drill before you took on too much water last night.  Does it drive you crazy not knowing what your workouts will be until the day before? I don't know if I could take that!

     "Address the process rather than the outcome.
    Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp


      Pressing, It's great that you're running already and it felt great.  And, congrats to DS!


      Scott, You were very disciplined today.  It's really hard not to push at this point in the training.  I failed at that today, but hopefully won't pay for it later.  I checked out your log and you've been a speed demon!  I'm inclined to believe you about crushing this race.  And, I'm right there with you as far as being a little burnt out.  20 more days!

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