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    Unofficial: 3:59:17. race started off rainy, cold, (colder than what the weathermen predicted) and very windy. the first couple of miles the rain came down in pelts, which I found out later was hail. the wind was pretty strong and at times it felt like I was runnin in place. I was suppose to meet a friend at mile 5 (with my gel) but I never saw him. He was there, texted me later to say he was sorry he missed me. oh well, I brought enough gels, in case that happened. So not a big deal. another friend was suppose to pick me up at mile 16 and run with me to mile 20. Imagine my surprise when I happen to look over and see her at mile 15. So awesome and really helped the miles fly by. Got to mile 20.2 and that is where I dropped her off. That is also where my shop, Bicycle World, had there cheering station. So awesome to hear "Hear comes Rachel" and then to have them all cheerin for me so loudly I couldn't hear myself think. lol A friend of mine was also there with a change of dry arm warmers and a hat, she also had another gel for me. I quickly changed all that in about 30 sec and headed out. The owner was there and one of my bosses was there cheering for me, along with quite a few of my friends that I've made while workin there. The last 6 miles was tough. My calves started tightening up. Up and down the hills (houston style) really worked on my calves. I did my best to stay relaxed and was able to keep them somewhat at bay. Nevertheless, it brought my pace from a solid 9mm to 9:07. Saw my hubby and daughter right before I crossed the line. I had nothing left to give once I saw the finish line. The wind really took it all out of me. Got inside, got my things and waited in the reunion area for my fam. They came in a bit later b.c they decided to wait for one of my friends to cross the line since she didn't have anyone out there cheerin for her. 


    My fueling was almost spot on. When I didn't get my gel from my friend at mile5 I had to stretch out the 2 I had till I could meet my friend. I brought some electrolyte tabs which I took around mile 12/13. That really helped me to keep goin when I didn't have another gel to take. 


    I am not at all disappointed by my time. I did have a timed goal in mind but I really wanted to just have fun. This is not a pr by any shot but it is only about 1min over my current pr. I'm super excited that I got sub 4 so if anything, I've qualified for Houston, for next yr.

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      Awesome job!  Awesome support crew!  Smile  Congratulations!  Smile

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        Awesome job! Congrats on the sub 4 and having fun, that's always what counts in the end!


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          Hey Rachel...great work! There is nothing harder than fighting the wind when running, so I can just imagine what that felt like, mentally and physically. Still, it sounds like you stayed strong and were awesome getting through it. It must have been so nice to have all that great support and I'm glad it was such a big boost for you. That was really smart of you to be prepared with your own gel even though you were expecting to have someone get it to you. Congrats on your sub-4 on a really hard day! Watch out Woodlands marathon.

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            Thanks for the report and congratulations!  Hope you have ideal conditions at The Woodlands.  It's a fast course and you'll get a new PR.

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              Great job, Rachel!  Sounds like a tough day with horrible weather.  Wind can suck the life out of you.

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                Great job on a race that was both well planned and well run.  I was following the Facebook updates that the race sent out for you and cheering you on!  Congrats!

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                  Great job Rachel! What a great boost from seeing your crowd at mile 20- sounds awesome!