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Daily Runner - January 26/2013 (Read 10 times)


    Hi all!  I'm still waiting to see what today holds for me workout wise.  I'm supposed to swim but with the kids home from school and the hubby at work, I haven't been able to make it to the gym.  If dh gets home from work in time I may go this evening.  If not, I might try for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is an SRD so it would be easy to swap days.  Might not be a bad idea anyway as I've been dealing with a nasty kink in my shoulder blade.  I think I got it from 3 days of leaning over a table scrapbooking.  Joking  Anyway, a day of rest now might do me some good.


    SIAR - Yes, I think I prefer the trail. I find it easier to hold my pace as it occupies my brain more and I'm less likely to shuffle as I run. I wish I could find more running partners to run trails with. Not many of them do I feel safe running by myself. Glad you had a great run today. Those kinds of runs are the kind that make you come back for more. Smile  As for racing after your PF, I think you've done yourself a lot of good by taking your time building back up again.  I think you're going to come back much stronger than before and surprise yourself.  Smile


    Scott - So you decided on the 22 miler! Good job! Hope lunch was a good reward.


    Marco - good job hitting the tm when faced with a too cold other option.


    BS - Glad the water running was fun.  Sounds like you have a fun group there.  And way to go on the swimming!


    Swift - Glad you had a good 18. Sounds like a great workout.


    Damaris - Get some rest today!  Good luck tomorrow!


    Julia - Hurray for finally getting out there and getting it done.  Maybe I'm weird but I like running in high 20's.  Our weather was in the 20's for about 2 weeks and I found it much warmer feeling than our typical winter weather of 30's and rain.  The wet cold is much colder to me than dry cold.  It's sleeting like crazy right now.  I'm glad I'm not running today.  BRRR...  Anyway, good job on your run today!  Smile

      Julia--nope.  At our new facility that we have been in three years, the government can't afford to hook up the TV.  There's one on the wall, but no cable or satellite to watch.  I could've brought in my tiny radio from my office but I didn't bother.  Yes, it is boring!  Nice job on the run.

      Just B.S.

        Julia, I store gels in my bra too!LOL Even though I have a spibelt I don't always feel like wearing

        it. Under the cap is a good place as well.


        Enjoy your happy hour! After that awesome run you 100% deserve it!!


        NTS, Sounds like it was the day of 20mile runs! and sounds like you were running my mind kind of terrain!

        Great job!


        SIAR, sounds like you had a great run as well and are enjoying the group time!


        Scott! 22! you are a machine!! How are you feeling now?


        D.R. good luck tomorrow! I have a few friends running in that race.


        Marco, yes the Aquatic Centre in the city. It's a 20-25 minute drive both ways so it's taking some dedication

        to be swimming 4 times/week!


        It was too darm cold again today wasn't it??


        Pressing, that scrapbooking can be more dangerous than people know!LOL Hope you kink is better!


        We really are lucky to have a very tight knit running and tri community. Everybody knows each other and

        the tri folks are always trying to recruit so they love taking new swimmers into the cult.....I mean fold!LOL


        OK I am super super excited!!!!!!!We had our Ireland meeting today. We need 20 confirmed and deposits

        paid by the end of the week. By the end of the meeting we were up to 16!!!!!!!!!! So it looks like the 9 days

        in Ireland with the marathon to celebrate hubby's birthday are going to happen. And doing it all with friends

        from home including my good friend I am travelling to the Disney Princess with and her hubby who were

        also with us in Bermuda.


        We have an awesome itinerary with 4 different cities (Dublin/Belfast/Killkenny/Letterkenney), we are spending

        a nights in a castle/hotel, 10 different attractions including the Titanic Centre, Guiness, Bushmills, Trinity College,

        a castle  and a tour bus to take us everywhere so we have no worries about transportation, navigation or

        getting lost!!


        So one month from today I will be in Florida for the Princess Half and 8 months from today we will be in Ireland!!

        mostly harmless

          Marco - Sorry you had to get on the TM again.  I hope you get out to see Lincoln soon. I want to see that too but I think I'll wait and catch it On Demand.


          Julia - That's an awesome pace on your 22.  Mine was much slower than that, but I needed to go slow today.  You asked if the last two were tough for me and I have to say they were! I got to mile 20 and I was ready to be done but the car was two miles away so no choice but to finish it.


          Pressing - Sorry you couldn't get out today. I hope tomorrow works out.


          Beth - I'm GREEN with envy regarding your trip! Seriously though, that sounds fantastic. Congrats!
          In answer to your question, I'm feeling fine thanks. I kept my pace at about 1 minute below MP. I didn't want to tear my legs up to much and miss training time next week.