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Daily Runner 4/28/13 (Read 15 times)

Just B.S.

    SIAR, I unlike you never had a moment of doubt in your abilities! You must be on cloud 9 tonight!


    And thank you. I know I am slow but to be still improving at age 51 makes me happy. And a 2 minute

    PR on a shorter distance is nothing to sneeze at.  And yes it is a tough course. There are no races

    in my city that are flat or easy and this is one of the harder ones. And to be 17th woman across the finish

    was pretty sweet since  5 of the other women who finished  before me are Boston qualifiers (one ran 3:11

    at Boston this year) and three of the girls were 15 yr old and local cross country runners (darn those fast kids)


    We do the same races year after year because with our population there is a limited race calendar.


    Plus this one, being in memory of our friends nephew (who would  now be 21, same age as your

    youngest) has a lot of sentimental and friendship attachment. It's the first race of the season and

    we get to see a lot of our running friends we haven't seen all winter.

    Beth...Way to go with your course PR yesterday!  I don't tend to do it often, but there is something appealing about the idea of running a race repeatedly.  Having the opportunity to compare course PRs is a great yard stick too.  To think that you had all those PRs last year, after surgery, in all but this race is nuts.  The course sounds insanely tough...not sure I would run it myself ha.  You're set up for another great year.  I'm excited to get to share it with you.


    Thanks for the faith in me.


    mostly harmless

      Can't post properly on a phone but BIG congrats to you SIAR!


      Great race and RR Julia!

       "Address the process rather than the outcome.
      Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp

        SIAR--Wow, just wow!  I knew you could do it, and so happy for you.  I would love to give sub 3 a shot one day, but time is not on my side.


        Julia--What a great experience.  If it were me, I wouldn't be disappointed either.


        11.39 done late this afternoon.