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Daily Runner 1/1/2013 - Happy New Year! (Read 155 times)


    I like how you modified your training plan.  Smile


    I don't go to a gym.  I do them at home.


    And screw the weights today.  I spent the afternoon having lunch with DH, watching a movie, and I'm already drinking.  I'll wake up early and do them tomorrow.


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    My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

    Bad Ass

      I'm flexible like that. Joking


      I like how you modified your training plan.  Smile


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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


        Had a great fartlek run for a couple reasons.  1st, it was nice to have my husband along.  It's rare we get to run together.  2nd, and this may be counter to the first reason, it felt great to leave him in my dust on some of the speedy sessions.  Big grin  I know I shouldn't smile too big because he kept up okay and he hasn't been training nearly as hard as me but still, to hear him huffing and puffing and see him fall behind while I was still feeling pretty good ... it made me realize the hard work has been paying off.  He's always been able to out sprint me in the past.  On that note, I didn't let him know how pleased I was to outrun him (though I'm sure he suspects) because I want to encourage him to keep it up.


        The trail we were at was super busy today.  The sun was shining (though it was cold) and everybody and their dog was out.  New Year's Resolutions, I suppose. I wonder how long that will last?  I thought by March it would be back to normal use but dh was more pessimistic and guessed by February.  I struggle between hoping people lost motivation so I can have less crowded space and hoping people keep it up because it's good for them!


        Jackdyl - Great job on your win! Sorry about the timing mix up. I won my very first AG, first place, in a 5K a few years ago (I don't win many) and the timing was messed up. I was so bummed to have my first award mailed to me a month later. Sometimes it just goes that way.


        Scott - Ah, what a great doggy grandad you are. Also nice to let the household sleep later. Glad the foot issue resolved itself. It can be tricky knowing whether to run or not when something hurts.


        Julia - What kind of winter running jacket are you looking for? I found one at SkirtSports I love. It has attached mittens with nose wiping material included. Smile The bike computer tells me my speed and distance both indoors on the trainer and outdoors. It also reads temperature and time and a few other things. What it doesn't tell me is cadence, which I was sort of bummed about but oh well.


        Marco - I think a mid-morning run sounds like a good plan.  Good job on your 10 today!


        Swift - Hope the legs enjoy the 4 miles. Good job on your virtual race yesterday!


        Damaris - 15 miles today ... way to start the year!  You made me laugh with your change of plans for the day.  Hey, the New Year only rolls around once a year, right?