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mostly harmless

    Hey friends.  Just popping in real quick with an update.  We just got back from the Christmas Town Dash 8K and still have unpacking to do.  We had a lot of fun!  Back for personals tomorrow.



    I had time to come back so I did. ;-)


    Does anyone have experience with stress fractures? I'm starting to think that I might have one.  I ran 4 miles Friday and noticed a little pain in the top of my right foot Friday night. It wasn't enough to cause me any concern though so I went ahead with my 14 mile run Saturday morning.  I ran that but noticed the pain was still there during my run.  Again, it was very mild. I could feel it but not enough to make me stop running.  However after my run it was really sore. 


    Because most of my family was either running or walking the 8K today I went ahead and ran it.  I went very, very slow and did a run/walk thing with my son who is way out of shape since soccer season ended and he is now in the middle of X-Box season.  It hasn't gotten any worse but it's still very sore.  Right on the top, above my arch.


    I plan to take a couple days off to rest up and see how it goes and I guess I'll go get an x-ray if it doesn't feel a lot better real soon.  Has anyone of you dealt with something like this before?


    Go figure season, funny stuff. I have no experience with SFX. I did have symptoms like yours once from bruising the top of my foot due to my laces being tied too tightly. It was actually pretty painful, but I honestly have no idea if your pain is that simple. Have you looked at any alternative lacing methods for runners? If you google that you should be able to find some. There's one that makes a loop out of the two top eyelets and eliminates the need to cross over the arch that kept me running until the bruise healed.

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      mostly harmless

        SIAR, thanks for the reply.  I will check that out and see what happens.

        Finally PRed!!!

          Scott: I have never had a stress fracture, but I think I have most likely had a stress reaction, which is an early stage before an actual stress fracture. Struggled with the pain off and on fall of 2010, and at the time could not afford to get  it properly treated, so I just took time off until it healed. But if it is a stress reaction and not yet stress fracture, it will heal quicker if you rest a few weeks. If you have good insurance, it is worth checking out, because a stress reaction, if not properly treated, will usually lead to stress fracture (which is much worse!).


          So I would try SIAR's suggestion first, and if not better pretty soon, have someone take  a look.

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