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Daily Runner - 5/23/13 (Read 9 times)

mostly harmless

    Running shoe store was a bust. I've been running in Mizuno Wave Inspire for several years and don't see any reason to change.  The Inspire 9's are out but the LRS didn't have my size in stock and the color selection for the 9's is pretty uninspiring (pun intended).  When I got back from lunch I checked Amazon to see if anyone still had the 8's.  I found a pair in the color I like for $30 cheaper than the ugly ones at the LRS. Free shipping too.

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    Bad Ass

      5 miles in the afternoon, 2 with hubby.  Weights after that.  I'm pretty tired after all that (morning and afternoon).

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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

        Well, another 6 miles in the books. My legs were a bit sluggish  at first (left-over effects from last night's rainy tempo run) but they loosened up and felt just fine after the first mile. Tomorrow was supposed to be a lactate threshold 9 miles (5 @ HMP) but since I already crossed that off yesterday I think I'll just substitute it with 9-10 GA miles for tomorrow's schedule. See, even us OCD tendency people can make changes to the schedule ... if I have to ... I guess.

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          I got a late start and only did 7.3 instead of the hoped-for 10