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    Beth, that should say you ARE a super niece.  Not were.  Oops.  Lol.

      Beth--I seem to be recovering faster than normal, so I may see you there.  And, if it's cool enough I will be wearing my Boston shirt.

      Just B.S.

        Beth--I seem to be recovering faster than normal, so I may see you there.  And, if it's cool enough I will be wearing my Boston shirt.


        I'm sure lots of our friends will be wearing their's as well if the weather allows.


        Hubby rarely wears his but i think I'm going to talk him into wearing his jacket for after the

        race that day.

        Bad Ass

          Scott, feel better.


          marco, hope the emails delete themselves.


          RVD, LOL.


          Beth, yay!


          Jodi, feel better.


          PO, hello!


          And I am a chatterbox today, as you can see.  LOL.

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          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

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            Hey folks.  My lunch time 5 was nice. I left the ipod behind (on purpose) and just enjoyed running.


            Hill - I'm glad you found motivation to get out there and run.  I definitely use this forum the same way you did. If I post an entry then I'm more likely to follow through.


            Jodi - Enjoy your rest day, unless you change your mind again in which case I hope you enjoy whatever activity you decide on. :-)


            Jack - Good job getting the afternoon/evening runs in. I'm much more of a morning person so I would struggle with those but it seems to suit you well.


            RVD - Great job with those early morning workouts.  You are much more of a morning person than me!  I hope the rain holds off tomorrow.


            Damaris - Nice recovery run. Working from home days are the best!


            Marco - I hope the transition back to the job is acceptable. Good luck conquering the inbox.


            Beth - Congrats on getting your life back.  You and your husband should be commended for giving up so much to help your aunt. Of course it was the right thing to do, taking in your aunt when she needed help, but it doesn't make it any easier.  Good luck with completing your training.


            Pressing - This is your last long run before Tacoma City right?  I hope the run goes well and good luck with tapering!

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              RVD - Great job with those early morning workouts.  You are much more of a morning person than me!  I hope the rain holds off tomorrow.


              Ha, don't get the idea that I like it that early.  It is just that I need a track for intervals, and the track is occupied after work by high school activities.  So, if I want to use it I actually do have to get up that early.  Plus it is starting to get hot later in the day.


              It was funny this morning, a security guard came to check me out and watched me for a while.  Then he came out on the track in his uniform and walked a couple of miles.  Maybe I was a good influence. Smile

              fake it till you make it

                Good gravy, I'm so far behind I don't know where to start.


                Like Marco, I have a zillion emails/text/facebook messages.  Some actually work-related, but mostly Boston related. I don't have a race report written but will try to sum up.  I went to the starting line feeling absolutely fantastic. I had been debating my goal time up until that day and decided I was going to go for the 3:24, that the only way I would find out is by trial.  If marathons were only 16 miles long, I would've nailed my pace. Smile  Suffice it to say the wheels came off on the hills. BTW, I didn't think heartbreak was a big deal at all but that first long hill around 16 was killer for me.  I think I really just went out on too fast a goal, if I had tried to just sneak in under 3:30 I think I would've done it.   The course, the crowds, the organization are just incredible.


                I crossed the line, got my stuff, changed, and was just a block out of the athlete's exit making my way back to a friend when I heard the bombs. Except I didn't know they were bombs. Someone next to me said "oh, are they shooting off cannons?" and i thought that's what it was.  Then I rounded a corner and saw three girls running, one sobbing and on her phone. Then I heard sirens. Tons of them.  I asked someone what was going on and she said two bombs went off right before the finish line.  Which is exactly where my friends were spectating that I was on the way to meet.  Then cops started yelling at us to run the other way.  So I'm running and trying to call/text my friends to see if they were alive. Lots of dead air/dropped calls but we all got accounted for.  I wasn't able to make my way to where they were but one of my good friends found his way to me as I was pretty much lost and had no idea how to get to them. I can't even tell you the relief I felt when I saw his face walking down the sidewalk.  We got back to our place pretty quickly and eventually regrouped with everyone- and had a lot of liquor-aided therapy.  My husband said the local press called our house about an hour after I called him (right after I heard the bombs) and wanted to do an interview.  We said no, and we've had several more requests which we've turned down. Crazy.


                Race-wise I'm pretty disappointed with myself. I feel like I had much better fitness and just didn't get it all together on the day that mattered. I'm thinking about racing a half in a few weeks to try to redeem myself.  Any thoughts on how that might work out? (Too soon, what to run from now till then...)


                My legs actually feel pretty good.  We walked a lot on Tuesday which helped, did the whole freedom trail and the Sam Adams brewery tour and then some more liquid group therapy. Wink  I miss my mileage and can't wait to get back out there.


                I'm not even going to attempt personals today, but will try to get back on the horse tomorrow. Smile



                  CC, sorry to hear about the friction between your husband and daughter.  It's no fun being in the middle.   How old is your daughter (I should know this because you often talk about running with her)?  Do you think your husband will change his mind if your daughter realizes how good she had it?


                  I know he will and I will too. I stand with him on this. For far too long we've gone behind her and cleaned up after her. she's taken advantage of us and just doesn't see how good she has it.

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                    nothing for me today. I"m just too tired. I cried as soon as I got home last night and didn't get to bed till 11. I slept horribly. tonight I finish up packing whatever she left behind. DH told her she has until today to get her stuff.

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                      So much for my 22 miler.  When I woke up this morning I had what felt like a tummy bug.  I hoped it would go away as I ran but it didn't.  I had awful cramping.  What's up with my luck on long run's lately?  Geesh.  Anyway, I was at mile 9 and determined to just keep running when I came up behind these two guys that gave me that uneasy feeling.  I was on the rails to trail and there was no one else around.  I did not feel good about running past them.  I don't often get that kind of spooked feeling so I listened to my gut and turned around.  I knew at that point I wouldn't finish my run because this meant I'd be running past my car again.  I really did feel lousy so sure enough, at 13.5 miles when I arrived back at my car, I stopped.  Other than my tummy everything felt good so I think, had I not had the tummy bug, I'd have had a good run. On the plus, I was able to make it to my ds's school for his big Battle of the Books event.  I was feeling guilty about missing it for a run anyway so I showed up in stinky running clothes and when he saw me he got a huge smile on his face.  His team also got 3rd place and awarded medals so totally worth missing some miles in the end.  My coach said she's not worried about it and still thinks I'll do great at the marathon.  Extra rest can be good, right?


                      Damaris - Stop chattering away already, will ya.  Big grin


                      Scott - Glad the 5 was good.  Yes, this was supposed to be my last lr before Tacoma.  Instead, I guess it's my last mid-long run.


                      RVD - Guess you looked suspicious out there, huh?  Way to inspire!


                      JenRosie - So good to hear from you and I'm happy you and your friends are all safe!  Must have been a very scary moment in your life being told to run the other way and not knowing if your friends were okay or not.  I'm sorry the race wasn't what you'd hoped for.  I'm not sure what to tell you about racing a half so soon.  I suppose it depends on how quickly you feel like you're recovering.


                      CC - A rest day sounds just like what the doctor ordered.  Get some sleep and find your running therapy later.


                        Long day.  I'm just down getting home.  (Sigh).  I did manage to get 4 miles in during lunch.  I ran a nice, slow, easy feeling pace.


                        Hilltopper, Peer pressure is good sometimes...  I was hoping for sub-20 this year but based on last week, I don't think it's going to happen.  I'm still going to give it all I have and hope to get low 20 tomorrow.  We'll see...


                        JoJo, A bit of a roller coaster for you today, huh.  Hope you feel better tomorrow.


                        Jack, Probably better that you're running tonight.  It was kind of rainy this morning...  The 5K I'm doing tomorrow had a lot of police last week already, so, it's hard for me to imagine more security.  But, I'm guessing they'll have bomb sniffing dogs at the bag check.


                        RVD, OMG, that's so early in the morning.  That's some kind of dedication.  I liked your observation about the security guard...  Yeah, summer is upon us.  Time to start thinking of treadmill running for heat instead of snow and ice.


                        D_R, I hope the kitties had good check ups.  I took your advice and didn't push it.  I think I am just a little run down.


                        Scott, Marathons take a lot out of us.  There's really no reason to rush back if you're not feeling it.  Take care and congrats to DD!


                        Marco, That's a lot of emails.  But, indicative of the people who care about you.  Smile


                        Just B.S., I'm glad you're life is returning to normal.  You really didn't miss much from me.  I ran a marathon and have been running a little less as a result.  That's it.  You're caught up.  Smile


                        Pressing, Runners have weird dreams, don't we?  LOL!  Happy that you listened to your instinct about safety and your DS got a medal!  Yay!


                        JenRosie, I'm so relieved that your friends were okay.  I can't imagine how you must have felt not knowing...  I'm sorry your race didn't go as planned but SO proud that you went after an aggressive goal.  I think you have many marathon PRs ahead of you.


                        CC, I'm childless and am always hesitant to even comment on parent-child things but hope everyone comes together in some way.

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                          Forgive me, but I am just going to copy a RR that I typed elsewhere.  I need to get to bed.


                          I plan on doing the Fredericton Marathon in New Brunswick on May 12.  It is only about 75 miles from here and it's where I first BQ'd in 2010.  Just going for it definitely did not work last Monday, but I am going to try again this next one.  I wonder how'll I will bounce back after Boston.  I have already ran more in the past few days than I normally do doing the first week following a full.  The course is about two-thirds over a crushed gravel riverwalk.  It's very easy on the joints.  Only about 100 will run.  It will be probably in the 40s and I plan on wearing my Boston shirt.  There is only one hill and that's on a pedestrian overpass.  I am already good for 2014 in Boston with a +20, so, what the hell.  


                          When I returned to work today, I found out how many folks were really concerned about our well-being.  All day, I thanked them and tried not to bore them with stories, unless they asked.


                          To sum up, we missed everybody at a FE when we went to the wrong BeerWorks.  Had a lot of fun at the expo and did a little sightseeing Sunday.  Ate a good pasta dinner at a local restaurant Sunday night.  Didn't sleep too well but felt good Monday morning.  I think I caught the second wave of buses.  Spent about an hour trying to find the red dot with no luck.  I guess I wasn't the only one.  The last 50 mins or so was standing in line and I barely finished when the call came to go the start.  So, after I got off the bus, I spent more than two hours on my feet and never sat down in the AV.  Bad decision.


                          After not being able to find anyone, I walked to the corral which was filling and it took me about 10 seconds to find Lap'd.  I was hoping to stay close as she was shooting for a 3:05.  She is amazing and I was able to stay reasonably close as we did 7 minute miles and were at 1:31 or so at the half.  Then, I don't know what happened.  Breathing wasn't a problem.  The legs didn't hurt, but I just kept slowing.  I always run a positive split.  Usually 5-7 minutes, but it became apparent by about mile 17 it wasnt going to happen.  I had already resigned myself to that and my goal at that point was not to weaken and start walking.  I purposely did not look at the time from about mile 20.  I'd see a mile marker and look away.


                          So, it was a PR for Boston but not what I wanted.  DW and I will be back next year and I am going to enjoy the experience much more.  I'll save my "all business" attitude for the smaller qualifying races.


                          We all have our stories about how great it feels to be congratulated by the Boston population after the race, but I wanted to pass along this.  Following the race we were en route back to the hotel and had stopped at a local market while DW picked up a few things.  I had just finished talking with cvb and her DH and I was sitting about 10 feet from the sidewalk which was busy.  I had a college student make eye contact with me and go out of his way to come up and say, "Congratulations, brother!" and shake my hand.  About 5 minutes later, we are walking by a rather large restaurant where we had eaten the night before.  All of the tables on the outside had the windows and doors open.  As we get about 10 feet away from the corner of the establishment, I hear clapping.  I thought it must be someone's birthday.  Nope.  About 10 or 12 people in the corner table are clapping and looking at me and congratulating me.  This is a busy street.  I was completely caught off guard.  Since moving up here I have not found New Englanders to be that warm and kind, but all I could do is mumble a few words of thanks.


                          Barring injury or some other personal catastrophe, I will be back next year.  A reporter from the Boston Herald wanted to ask me some questions while we were waiting at the Amtrak station Tuesday night.  However, he wanted to ask my opinion on security at future Bruins and Celtics events and asked me if I was a fan.  I am a Maine transplant and unlike about 99% of the population here, I am definitely not a fan of either.  He was nice, but I sure didn't give him any material.


                            Marco - Very heartwarming stories about the people in Boston congratulating you ... and clapping for you ... that is so awesome.  Must have been very humbling.  Sorry the race didn't go as you'd hoped.  I can't believe you managed to not look at the time after mile 20.  I would say I'm not gonna look but I know I would never be able to resist the impulse to peek.  And peek again.  And again.  Lol.


                            Julia - Glad you had an enjoyable and easy run.