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Daily Runner - 2/27/13 (Read 24 times)

Bad Ass

    Not true.  I signed for my second and third before my first.  My first was a disaster and I still wanted to run another one after that.  They don't have to hurt, you know.  To me, if you're not having fun, what's the purpose?


    I did MCM last year and I'm trying to convince DH to go again, so I might see you.  It's an awesome race.


    So this morning I got up, dressed, went downstairs, looked for my shoes for about 30 seconds (my wife must have moved them, I'll blame her) gave up, and went back to bed.  Working out like a champion!  Now I'm stuck here at work until my boss decides to read my presentation.  Oh well, at least it sounds like nice running weather for tonight.


    Julia - I'm suprised how well you're keeping it together! Maybe we'll see some crazyiness in the next few weeks Smile.  I'm just a spectator when that guy comes to the track, but he's great to watch.  You can hear him breathing if you're up close, but it looks effortless otherwise.  We also get Claire Hallisey, who was on the GB olympic marathon squad, who is equally fun to watch.  She's always doing her warm ups as I'm cooling down, and I feel creepy watching her do it.  Especially since I've talked to her enough that I can't pretend to be anonymous.


    Jojo - I like the confidence!


    Scott - Like I said above, no, having him come to the track doesn't have any effect on me, except that I get a little chilly when he blows by.


    RVD - Count me on among the votes for taking it easy rather than running the 10k.  Hamstrings are tough - they'll stop hurting and it's easy to convince yourself you're all healed up, but they keep flaring up if you're not careful.


    Jen - I say go for the banana bread. If you're giving up liquor and tasty stuff starting Friday, then you're gonna lose the weight anyway, so what do you have to lose?  Besides, why are we even running if we can't eat a loaf of banana bread every once in a while?


    Docket - Yeah, I guess I'm not cut out for ultras then.  I'm planning on MCM in the fall, which means I have to sign up in March, before my marathon in May.  I'm pretty sure that it's going to be a waste of money because the day after my race I'm going to remember why I swore off marathons three years ago, and end up giving my bib away.  Maybe since I'm running more miles now it won't hurt as much?


    CC - Sounds like a fun race!


    SIAR - Those are even enough!  It is tough to stay disciplined at the beginning of that workout, but you got consistent at the end. Nice times!


    Pressing - Good luck with the new baby!  Raising Hope is definitely one of our regulars, although last night I wasn't really up to the second half hour.  The My Name is Earl reunion show was worth it though.




    AND apparently my boss left half an hour ago without telling me or giving my ppt back.  Yay!

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      Scott...Thank you...that's a very nice compliment.  So maybe in a race we just need to give you some groceries to really get you flying?  That could your marathon "thing," like the guys who do it dribbling basketballs.  Everyone would say, "oohh, there goes the 3:50 guy that carries his groceries!"



      This made me laugh.

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        I'm having a healthy dinner of tilapia and spinach.  Hoping to spend some time with the foam roller in a few minutes.


        Jack, Yes, let's hope for some magic in a few weeks...  And, there are some great runners in this area.  I'm pretty sure I was at a 10K race where Claire Hallisey finished 2nd.  A freakin' Olympian finishes 2nd?!  It's why I'm genuinely happy if I win anything at races around here.


        SIAR, "Running goddess", huh?  I'll take it.  Wink  Man, I am never going to look as good in a race as I do in that picture.  So sad...  Glad you rebounded from yesterday.  Your pacing was spot on...  And, thanks for updating me on Just B.S.  I didn't realize she was making a vacation out of the trip.  Good for her!

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        Go figure

          Julia...that dinner sounds good. I really like cooked spinach and should eat more of it....add some olive oil, salt and pepper Mmm. At least you have that one pic. I'm not sure any of mine have been very good.


          Scott...I think that is one of my better ideas!

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            Today was worse than yesterday.  I did get an easy 9 done before work in 17 degree weather.  Two hours on the road to attend a four-hour meeting and two hours back.  Then, DW's back was acting up so went another two hours round trip to the chiro and got home at 8.  Have not had time to read all the posts carefully.  Foot pain has gone.  Maybe it was too tight laces.