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    SIAR - I mean I love the snow, there's squat just down the hill and I don't want to leave it.  However, neither do I want to do 12 miles of hill repeats on my service road and driveway.  No to the tm.  Ugh. lol! I'm heading out for my run soon as I'm done posting here.

    Great job on your run today!  I'm happy that darn cold seems to have finally left you able to run.  As for neck kinks, actually, the swimming has helped.  I'm super prone to them and have been to PT for them.  They are all stress.  What am I so stressed about?  Beats me.  Smile


    If I can figure out how to post photo's on this site, I'll post some of our snowy driveway.  But I'm a dweeb and can't get it to work.  Off to run first!

    mostly harmless

      Six happy miles run on campus where I work.  Well, I did have to venture down New Hampshire Avenue for a mile and back but I won't dwell on that. I hate running next to all that car stench.  Lots of folks out today enjoying the warm temps.


      Julia - I hope the intervals were fun.  I was wondering, when you do your runs into work do you carry your work clothes in a back pack with you or do you keep clothes stashed in the office?


      NTS - I hope your runs were good and the food and drink after as well.


      RVD - Great job hitting the track so early for all those miles. I'm impressed that you can run in circles for that long without falling down.


      Damaris - Did you end up running the four or taking the RD?


      Jack - Congrats on the big business deal. I doubt I could get any miles in after sliders and beer if I wanted to keep said sliders and beer inside my body.


      Jen - Welcome! Another speedy person to remind me just how slow I really am!  I'm no a regular schedule so I'm triple impressed with your speed, career choice and ability to fit training into that schedule.  Nurses are angels of mercy and the world is a better place because of all of you.


      Beth - Good job on the 20K yesterday and I hope you enjoy the warmer temps while they last.  Enjoy the swim later.


      Pressing - I was a little confused by your post too but I'm glad you got your run in.


      SIAR - I'm glad you had a good run today.  Thing2 had narrowed her school choices to 3 schools and I'm afraid none of them are in the UAA. Undecided

      Bad Ass

        I just got home.  Taking the RD.  I have a headache and I'm tired.

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        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


          Sorry for the confusing post.  I guess the snow went to my brain and kept me from forming my thoughts properly.  I wound up with only 10 miles.  I procrastinated too long and ran out of time for 12 miles.  I figure the walking I did around our property and up and down the road served to fill in the missing 2 miles.  And, there was no snow anywhere on my run.  Boo.  I reminded myself that it is actually a blessing to be able to run, without risk of slipping, and get my miles (well, most of them) in.


          Damaris - Sorry about the headache.  Enjoy the rest and feel better.


          Scott - Glad you had a great 6!  And you're faster than me.  But yes, some speedy folks in this world. Good thing the ones who post here are all nice and humble.  Makes it easier to like them.  Big grin  Wink


          Go figure

            Pressing...don't worry, we got ya figured out now! I guess snow is pretty, but my enthusiasm for it is always tempered by knowing it probably means two weeks of yucky running. 10 and 12 really are about the same as far as stimulus goes, so not nothing to worry about there. I wish I could remember the article that talks about - I'd like to reread it myself. As for humility...we all finish behind somebody, even Jack and Scooby (if the race is big enough in their cases)!


            Scott...I saw there's still time! I'm sure there are other great d3 conferences too. Nice happy miles. I hope they included a happy dance.


            docket...good luck with goofy if we don't cross paths later.

            Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


              The tempo run this morning went about as well as I could have hoped.  I did 7x1 mile w/1:15 rests.  I averaged about 7:22ish pace overall.  It was hard and I still didn't quite hit my goal pace, but I don't feel as defeated as I usually do after a typical tempo run.  I absolutely did not feel like doing another mile repeat, but I felt like I did have a good tough workout.


              Checked my FB feed and there was an armed robbery on the local running trail today.  The perps stole the runner's sunglasses and GPS watch.  Scary.


              Swift, How did your tempo and other runs go?


              Scott, Glad you got your run it.  I got out for lunch and it was so nice...  I take clothes in the day after I run in to work.  That way, even if I don't plan to run in the next day, I always have a spare set of clothes at work.  Wink  And, I keep all my dress shoes and suit jackets at work now.  So, no matter what I've brought it, I have matching shoes and a suit jacket in case I need to look managerial on that day.  It works out pretty well.  I've been doing it for a while now and have only forgotten an item twice.


              RVD, Congrats for hitting your paces.  I wonder if you will be one of the first RAers to report back on how Hanson's worked out.


              D_R, Rest up!  Can't wait to read your Goofy race report!


              Jack, Hope the celebration was fun...  So, you usually wear flat on quality days?  For a split second, I thought about wearing mine today but went with my trainers instead.  Do you have any general guidelines on when you wear them?


              JenRosie, Welcome!  Boston is going to be awesome!  I didn't realize so many people had been looking at my log.  I might start slipping in fake workouts or something in it to keep everyone on their toes.  Wink


              Just B.S., I'm terrible at reading elevation but even I can see that's quite a climb.  Nice job!


              Pressing, Tough call.  Fantastic that you still made it out for 10 miles.  The longer I wait, the less likely the miles happen...  I also need to figure out how to post photos.  I think it's easy...


              SIAR, That sounds like a great workout...  And, yeah, it might be good to lay off a little tomorrow if you're going to be doing race paced miles on Saturday.

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              Just B.S.

                Julia, it was about 1,500 feet over 12.5 miles. Not crazy hard but challenging.


                Coached swim tonight! This was a coach we had never met before and we chatted a bit before the session. Told

                him I haven't really "swam" in about 30 years. You know, nothing focused just lots of fooling around with the kids and

                practicing a bit for the tri I did in 2011. Halfway thru the drills he asked if I used to swim competitively. That was a

                nice boost to my  swimming confidence.Smile


                Heading to the treadmill now for 3 or 4 miles or as much as I can stand. Was going to go earlier but the winds

                were gusting up to 40mp/hr.


                Good luck to all the racers and those travelling to Disney this weekend!


                  Dude, seriously? I thought I posted here. Ugh!


                  anyways, got 3 miles done. last run till sunday. waitin to hear an update on the weather from the news. gotta git so I can eat and get to bed.

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                    Halfway thru the drills he asked if I used to swim competitively. That was a nice boost to my swimming confidence.Smile


                    Aw, that's cool.  It sounds like fun and a good workout.

                    “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the fight in the dog. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


                    My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

                    Finally PRed!!!

                      Hi everyone!


                      Welcome, JenRosie!


                      The tempo went really well.  I think my fitness has definitely improved since the last time I did that workout, since this one was faster with similar effort. The group run was fun too. Got 11+ total miles for the day.


                      I'll do shoutouts to everyone in the morning--I'm a little tired right now! 'Night all!

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