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Geezer trying for speed

    Scott - hahaha... mature is rarely used to describe me either. But I'll take it when it happens. :-)


    Julia - Thanks. I'm sure hoping so. It's very interesting having switched to HR governed running because in a race I don't target a pace.. I target an HR. The time should (in theory) be what I can do for the conditions. So far so good. We'll see in my next race.


    hilltopper - Great job on the hilly 8+.. I'll be interested to hear how the Blur's work out after a while. I tend to run a shoe into the dirt even if they're not my favorite... found some I likely won't buy again, but haven't found any that I could not use for training.


    Marco - I hate how much ice you've had to deal with... but that likely comes with the territory. I won't likely see any of that this year being so close to FL... Seems strange to think of rarely seeing below 30... we'll see how reality goes.

    Anyone could see races, etc. on

    I believe in HR training:

    Bad Ass

      Morning, I mean, afternoon, I mean, oh shut it! Big grin


      Sorry for my MIA'ness.  HM race this morning went really well.  Took is somewhat easy and finished with my second fastest of this season.  2:08:54 or thereabouts.  Very strong effort on tired and marathonic legs.  And best of all, no albuterol.


      Can somebody today or tomorrow take out my Oleta Half Marathon for next week and add the Parkland 5 Mile Holiday Run for 12/15?  Thanks!


      Julia, congrats on the PR!


      mark, Great job on the 17.


      Jodi, hope you feel better soon!  See you in 4 WEEKS!


      SIAR, love that run.  Nice job!


      Scott, rest that foot until you know what's up? It's an order!


      Joe, congrats on the marathon!


      hilltopper, nice run.


      marco, sorry you're working today.


      I had to go back and delete some exclamation points to some sentences so as not to make you want to poke your eyes out.  Bye!

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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


        Hey all!  SRD for me.  Great day for it as this morning was the Christmas Musical at church for the kiddos and we had to be there early.  It was fun to watch and ds got through his lines superbly.  Only downside is I had a migraine starting up about halfway through the program and there was nothing I could do about it.  A couple pills and some lunch later and I feel better but I think I'll still take a nap soon as I'm done posting.  Anyway, glad it is a rest day.


        Marco - Sorry about the London job.  Speaking of work, seems like you've had some late hours lately.  


        Hill - Lol about the vulture's circling cause you look so bad while running.  


        Markrice - Yes, the Eagle makes for a great memory/story. Good job on the 17. Love when those lr's feel awesome at the end.


        Julia - Congrats on your race and the awesome PR!  But wow, how fast were the AG winner's?  You were plenty fast yourself.


        Jodi - Oh, so sorry about catching the bugs.  Load up on your Vitamin C.  


        SIAR - That's a lot of miles. Good job. And sounds like a good workout today.


        Joe - Congrats on the marathon finish! Sounds like a great experience overall.  


        Damaris - Congrats on your HM! Especially congrats on no albuterol. I bet that felt great.


        Okay, off to sleep so I can feel good to decorate Christmas tree's later this evening.  We got two living tree's this year and will plant them in our yard after Christmas.  Kinda excited about that option.  It's a first.  

        Finally PRed!!!

          Hi everyone!


          Julia: congrats on the PR, great time!


          DR: great job in your HM! Glad you felt so good, lol about the exclamation points, I do that  too.


          jojo: hope you feel better soon.


          SIAR: good job with your run,  and nice mileage. HMP at the end of a run is hard, especially uphill.


          Scott: smart to rest the foot.


          joe: glad you enjoyed the marathon.


          markrice: nice 17, glad it went so well. Congrats on breaking the mileage PR, I will break mine this year too, but not by a whole lot.


          hill: nice job with the hilly 8.4. Yes, I'm enjoying being part of several running groups, but may have to pick and choose a bit, especially once marathon training ramps up. Sometimes what the group has planned may not mesh well with what I have planned.


          marco: sounds like you have a lot of work stress.


          Pressing: rest up, glad you're enjoying the festivities, sorry about the migraine.


          I ran about 13.5 today, was pretty humid, especially first half or so. Hit 52 miles for the week, so legs were getting pretty fatigued by the end. Will probably not up the mpw much higher this year, but will stay around that level (except for recovery weeks) until I feel like I'm adapting to it a bit.

          PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09


            Is there anyone from Minneapolis?  Or currently living in Minneapolis?  I'm desperate.  We are going there during taper madness, and my biggest fear is being realized, that it's too cold and snowy to do much in the way of running.  I'm scared of risking injury/health during Christmas by running outside in temperatures, I'm not used to.  So if you live in Minneapolis, can you please point me towards a gym that I can go running at?




            Half: 1:48 (March 3rd, 2013)

            Full: 4:05:40 (March 17th, 2013)


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