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Daily Runner - 3/3/13 (Read 18 times)

    nts--you need to change your name on here....great job

    pressing--any day you don't fall in horse poo is a good day....glad you had a good time


      Jodi - Awesome!!! 30 seconds a mile faster than your last PR? Diet and weight loss definitely helped, but I think you should credit yourself with some of the training you did too!


      NTS - Sounds like you've gotten much faster.  Good job on the race! The big jump will definitely be there once you rest up.


      Pressing - That was a great RR!  I'm sorry the race went hillariously awfully, but it sounds like you have a good attitude about it!  I'm sorry about your daughter -- Hope she feels better soon!


      Julia - Glad you got a better perspective on a tough run.


      Docket - Good job on the trail run although 1.5 x 4 > 4.5.  I get the tendency to book conservative though.


      Scott - I guess I didn't want to bother people about it.  Once my marathon is done I'll probably race a lot for two months or so and I don't expect people to care about little 5ks I do every weekend.


      Marco - Wow, serious weekend!  I am glad to say that I don't have to deal with that stuff down here in virginia.


      SIAR - Great job on the 20 miler and the fast miles at the end.  The club is sponsored by Brooks and its a great deal.  We age groupers get a singlet, jacket, some other clothes, free entry into three PR races (plus more if you volunteer), merchandise discounts and, best of all, a free pair of shoes.  In return we have to volunteer for at least one race, lead group runs, be good brand ambassadors, etc.  Pretty much stuff I would do anyway.  The elite team (5k<15:30) gets more stuff, like 4 pairs of shoes a year.  It's a very good deal for us, and it is good for PR, which is a local shoe chain, to have a bunch of people in PR branded stuff winning and placing well in races.  My coach also happens to be the owner, and he's the best.  He really supports all of his runners and I appreciate it -- I'm never going to order a pair of shoes online even if they're a bit cheaper (which I guess they aren't with my discount), because I can see how much he does to build up the local running scene.