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Go figure

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    Hi everyone!  Just a quick, not so little RR from me.


    This was a large race for me (aside from marathons), with about 4,000 plus participants.  The course covered a lot of the Cleveland Marathon course, which I've done twice.  The weather didn't cooperative and gave us a combination of freezing rain and snow, making for some very slushy, wet conditions and 30 degree temps.  I still ended up racing in my split shorts, a singlet, some arm warmers, a hat and throw-away gloves and was comfortable enough.  It was also my first run in my new LunaRacer +3s, and I loved them.


    I basically trained through this race as I'm busy getting ready for the Toledo Marathon, but by trying to get ahead of a little foot pain I was having last week, I actually came into the race feeling fairly fresh.  I intended to go out a little conservatively and build into the race, but it really didn't pan out that way.  My Garmin also went a little funky so I had to try to pace mostly by feel.


    Right as the race began I found myself stepping in puddles, so I pretty much gave up and realized that I was going to get pretty wet, especially with the water kicking up on my legs.  The race started on a small uphill and then a bridge, which was pretty slippery.  Still, I felt comfortable and just tried to settle in and clump with some other runners.  At mile one the timer called out a 5:50.  I was a little concerned as I was going to start more slowly, but I felt good so I held my pace.


    The next mile made a turn to a familiar area, heading down to the Browns stadium.  The runners really started to thin, and I was basically running with 3 or 4 guys.  Next thing we know, we come up on a dude wearing cargo pants, a wool hat with ears, big wool socks, and CROCS!  I decided my "B" goal for this race was not to be beaten by him.  The course made a little turn by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and hit a small uphill, at which point my other partners started to slow.  I was feeling good and just held my pace.  Mile two called out at 11:40.


    The rest of the miles got a little blurry, and I was pretty much running by myself.  I was still trailing Croc guy too.  I ran through a puddle that was actually a pothole in this mile and am very happy that my ankle didn't turn more than it did.  My pace was still feeling good and I kept pressing on.  Mile 3 called out at 17:40.


    About this point, the course doubled back on itself which I always find helpful in shorter races.  My stride continued to feel free this far in, but the race started to get tougher as we made a couple climbs.  The total course climb was only 275ft, which I actually think makes for a good course, but a hill is a hill.  I ditched my throw-away gloves and just reminded myself that I run hills all the time.  At this point I finally got by CROC-Man, and could tell that he was slowing considerably.  Mile 4 called out at 23:45, so I did a little head math and realized I just needed to keep moving along and I'd go sub 30.  Before the race I was thinking that 30:30 would be realistic, so this gave me a little boost.


    I had about a half mile climb that was a struggle up a bridge, but after that the course finished on a small downhill.  I didn't have anybody to catch or worry about catching me, so I gave it as much as I had without really going into a sprint.  Finish time:  29:23, overall pace 5:53, just missing an AG award and putting me in the top 35 (winner ran 24:42, 4:56 pace).


    I'm really thrilled with this result as all my training has been focused on the marathon.  The best part is, it predicts to a significant sub-3 marathon, which is my major goal.  I guess all my high mileage weeks are paying off!  I'm also still healthy, which for me is probably the biggest victory of the day.


    me mulling around pre-race, in St. Patty day kit


      me at finish, arms too tight as always


      165lb mastiff I met before the race!

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      I'm really thrilled with this result as all my training has been focused on the marathon.  The best part is, it predicts to a significant sub-3 marathon, which is my major goal.  I guess all my high mileage weeks are paying off!  I'm also still healthy, which for me is probably the biggest victory of the day.




      That right there is just awesome.  Good result, good predictor, and good health.  Can't beat that.  The arms too tight made me laugh- my arms have a mind of their own when I run and I'm always surprised when I catch my reflection on a run.  You are up nice on your toes though so that looks good! Great race report.

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        Well done indeed!  You are one speedy runner!  Congrats on getting such a great PR while running in such horrible conditions!  Big kudos for passing "Crocs Guy" too.  I'm really excited to see how you do in Toledo!


        Also, thanks for taking the time to write up a great race report.  I almost felt like I was there.


        Go figure

          Jen...My arms do their own thing too!  By the end of the race, even if I feel like I'm keeping them down, they're up around my neck.  Speaking of form, what I'd really love to see is a video from behind to know what my leg kick looks like.  Thanks for the toe compliment though Smile  You guys all get lots of credit for any racing awesomeness as it's so motivating to post with you all.


          Scott...I felt kinda silly writing a RR for just a 5miler with all of you guys doing your marathons, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Even though the conditions weren't great, I felt like I hardly noticed them (aside from wet feet, some slipping, and the darn pothole), which I think is a sign that I was in a great place mentally.

          Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


            Great race report and awesome run! I like hearing about the short races just as much as the long ones - If you do it right you're going to hurt no matter how long the race is.  From the way you describe the race, with your miles, etc., it sounds like you could target well under Mcmillan's 2:52 even if you accidentally rested for this race.  That's tough that even in a 4000 person race you're still running by yourself.  Good job catching croc guy and good job on the strong finish!  Were you really 5:38 for the last mile?!

              Well, I don't know why my post was lost about an hour after you posted the original one...but what a fantastic job!  I would be lucky to do one mile at your 5 mile pace!

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                Great job!

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                  What a strong race.  Congrats!  And, you found shoes you love?!  That's fantastic!


                  I've actually been to Cleveland a couple times and could kind of picture the area you were running through, which was cool.

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                    Great race, that's a fantastic time! So happy that you got such a good result. You are going to nail your marathon. Nice pics, too!

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                      I thought for sure I'd posted on this already but I guess not.  Anyway, congrats on a super 5K in some tough conditions!  You are a speedy, speedy guy.  Congrats, SIAR!!