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Daily Runner 5/16/13 (Read 11 times)


Go figure

    I ended up running home from work.  I pretty much felt like crap.  It's all in my sinuses, though.  Like every time I swallow, they hurt.  I think I'm gonna have some dinner, pop some kind of meds with a decongestant, and go to bed.


    Bruce, Wow, that's an early day.


    D_R, That can be scary.  Any idea what it could have been?


    Pressing, Hope you're enjoying the change of pace.


    SIAR, It must be great golfing weather.  It almost makes me want to break out my clubs.  Almost.



    Ha, I hear ya. It was awesome today; not even windy. I actually played some tennis when I got together with my soccer friends. I know that's more your speed. It actually was quite fun, and if I had someone here to hit with I could get into it.


    docket...Staying upright is always good!

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    Bad Ass

      Julia, I think it was a mixture of not eating a lot yesterday, lack of sleep for days plus weather.

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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

        8 done after work.  Should I do 9 tomorrow?