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    Hey Guys,

    Poppin in for a quick update: I've stayed away from the running forums the last few wks. I just needed some time where I wasn't thinkin about running and also so I wouldn't feel like I had to get out there and do something. It's been a nice break (change of pace) to do what I want, when I want, IF I want. I ended up not doing the Relay this last weekend. (thanks for the shout out) Boss really needed me in the store so I backed out. (I was okay with that too, since I just wanted to leave runnin alone for a while. plus if I hadn't been at the store, they would have had only 2 ppl there. YIKES!) I've been out mountain biking, spinning and doin some cardio. So I'm stayin somewhat active. Of course now I'm wondering how much fitness I've lost. But thats alright, I've got 9 months till Dallas. 

    Even though I've taken this month off (one week to go) I still don't know how I feel about it all.I stopped lookin for answers. I figure I'll wait to see about that when I get back out there next week. I emailed my coach and am waitin to hear back from her.

    Thanks for all of your support

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    Go figure

      Glad you're doing well and having fun with the biking and other cardio stuff.  We're all obviously going to be at different points with our running, and even though I haven't been where you are yet, I can understand and respect what you're feeling.  Hopefully the motivation for the running comes back soon - even if it doesn't keep checking in and saying hi!

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        Hugs, Rachel!  Come back when you feel ready.  We all need a break sometimes.

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